Is Nick Jonas and Bayer taking this too far?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m growing a little suspicious of Nick Jonas’ exploitation of his Diabetes and his Bayer “partnership”. Now they are making DOG TAGS that will help peopel with diabetes feel better… If you read into it, these dog tags cost 5 bucks each and HALF of the proceeds goes to Bayer Diabetes Care to the Change for the Children Foundation.

First off, i know that both Nick and Bayer are both in desperate need of revenue so only pocketing 50%of the money is very warranted (SARCASM), but does anyone know any of the exact causes that this Bayer Diabetes Care to the Change for the Children Foundation donates to? I know Nick is a founder but haven’t spent a large amount of time to finding specific causes they donate to.

What are your thoughts?

I can’t blame the guy. Bayer wants to give him a big sack of money for endorsing their diabetes-related products.

I like big sacks of money too. If Bayer wanted to hand me one in return for using and promoting their products, I’d certainly do it if their products were good. It’s not like I wouldn’t be buying similar or identical products elsewhere, anyways.