Diabetes Fundraising album

Ok recently there was a forum post on trying to get Justin Bieber to do a fundraising concert, While him and the Jonas Brothers are not my cup of tea it got me thinking the list of musicians T-1 and T-2 is not small, yes some of these have become voices for the community(Brett Michaels, Nick Jonas). But think of the selling ability of a album done by multiple artist who have diabetes our support the cause. I have only heard of one musician directly addressing diabetes in a song (Howza),. The songs would not have to be about diabetes though it could be a cover/tribute album with the proceeds going to education, awareness or research. Just my thoughts. Diabetes affects more then HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer(the other cancers seem to get pushed to the side) and many other chronic conditions(I refuse to use the term illness since I am not ill), so where are the red carpet events, where are the ribbons on the Hollywood types. Guess Diabetes isn’t cool enough to be an hip problem.

Ok I drool at the idea of hearing Keith Morris,and Brad Wilk on the same track.

Love the idea. The diabetes community hasn’t been as organized or vocal as the HIV/AIDS community & we could learn a lesson there on grassroots political action.

Great idea! You can coordinate.

Great idea Jim. I know you posted that video before I actually put that on the front page of my blog - I hadn’t played it for awhile and played it a lot this weekend.

I had just watched it again after sending it to a friend who is was just dxed.
Found this version of the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-I7IJcFLytE&feature=channel_video_title.
I am not sure if DHF started the whole writing on your hand, but I know they leased the campaign to Lifescan, but the video I linked above shows how far the concept has gone…

There was some silly petition for Bieber to do a concert for Type 1. wow.

Type 2 Diabetics are very dominant in the music industry. Plenty of them actively give diabetic causes. Angie Stone is working with FACES which to help bring awareness to the African American community. Patti Labelle and Dela Reese both have done some activism too. BB King did a commercial for test strips.

I don’t expect a concert for diabetes anytime soon.

Christalyn, I can’t say I like Justin Bieber nor would I want to sit thru one of his concerts, but I would not call anyone’s efforts to bring awareness to this disease silly – I think they should be applauded for trying to bring attention to it, not made fun of.

Well if you are going to have a concert it should be to benefit all diabetics not just Type 1’s at the petition that I saw stated. Actually you are right it shouldn’t be called silly. It should be called selfish and it would only to serve to bring more separation between Type 2 and Type 1’s.

Christalyn, it is obvious from your posts that you have an extreme dislike for Type 1s so it is probably not worth wasting my time responding but will say it anyway. I am Type 1 but I have friends that are Type 2. We have things in common, including the name diabetes, but they are two different diseases. Having one big “awareness” concert will not bring attention to some of the specific Type 1 needs nor would it bring attention to those things specific to a Type 2. There are some things that it can bring attention to, but not everything. If a Type 2 asked me to support something for Type 2 that had nothing to do with my needs as a Type 1, I would still support them because that is the kind of person I am. I don’t put “my” needs before someone else. You seem to dislike anything that mentions Type 1.

Do you think the people raising money and awareness for breast cancer are selfish because they want attention for breast cancer but not “cancer” in general? I lost 4 family members and a very close friend to cancer. None of them died from breast cancer. I also know what kind of people they were and they would not be upset because someone promoted breast cancer and not the cancer that they died from.

I actually would like to see the profits from something like this split between funding for both types. Or focus on some of the common issues faced by all people with diabetes.

Would rather see an album along the lines of the Black Flag tribute album, where all the profits went to helping pay the continuing cost of trying to free the West Memphis 3. Concerts are a one shot albums stick around.

Jim, I was not trying to split the causes. My remarks were only because of Christalyn’s remaks that the person who wanted the Juster Bieber concert was silly then she changed it to selfish. I don’t have a problem with everything being together. I did not read the Justin Bieber thread to know what that person’s intentions were but I don’t think someone trying to bring awareness should be called names by anyone.

I think you are right though that an album would bring more money because years from now, people will still be able to buy it.

Kelly it’s all good

Thanks Jim!