Nick Jonas teams up with Dexcom

Pretty cool :slight_smile: What do you guys think?


This completely made my day (and I am really jealous of his Dexcom -insurance refuses to cover one). I really hope he continues to advocate for type 1 diabetes awareness.

((fangirl time)) EEEKK! :heart_eyes:


Pretty cool! Also fun to pause it at 0:37 for a closer look at Nick’s graph. I note that he had a pretty decent hypo at about 4 a.m. that would have set off the LOW alert. It looks like he got up to treat it and didn’t over-correct, so good on ya there Nick. Not quite so pleased about that post-prandial spike at 12:30-ish, though–beer with lunch maybe? Anyway, looks like you did a correction that nosedived you into another LOW alert just when you got into the studio, so we gotta take a few points off there (we presume you went out to do a finger-stick and treat that one as necessary, though that’s not in the video). Can’t be too bad though; your arrow is flat. All in all I can’t say my graph looks a lot flatter, so keep at it Nick, you’re fighting the good fight. Oh and by the way, your receiver is telling you it’s time to recalibrate.

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It’s great to have role models like Nick who are living out their dreams! Awesome!

LOL! I’m glad we can be here to help Nick through this :wink:

I used to write off The Jonas Brothers (and then Nick Jonas when he branched off on his own) as stupid TV boy band losers.
Until I found out Nick has Type 1. That easy-on-the-eyes Jonas bro is A-OK in my book now!

I think I don’t have any idea who the heck Nick Jonas is other than what can be gleaned from the video ad. As these things tend to do with me, I only have a lot questions after watching that won’t likely be answered. Oh, well.

One question will be answered in time. Will Medtronic do another “us too!” imitation? I’m not sure what my gut reaction would be to dueling endorsement ads. :confounded:

(BTW, Emily, wouldn’t this be a better fit for the CGM category? :wind_chime: :wink:)

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I wondered about that. Is testing your BG thought by the marketeers to be so potentially off putting to some folks that they just decided to not go there? Huh. :confused:

I think they did a wonderful job with the video, I hope it helps the younger T1Ds not be so ashamed of having D or using devices. (and the photo they used on the Dexcom website I’m sure would make a few little girls blush.)

He was also on The View yesterday, he only got a few seconds to talk about T1D & Dex, but any spreading of awareness is good!
Link to The View segment:

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Yes it would! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that, but I’ve moved it now :smile: