Is the honeymoon over?

30 minutes after eating night before last, I started feeling REALLY weird. For poops and chuckles I decided to test…49 (2 different meters, not easy with shaky hands.) I chomped down some glucose tabs and got it back up to 139 when I checked 15 minutes later. I’ve had super high morning reads lately (160+) and now this. Just as I am celebrating my 5.7 A1C…

Great job on the 5.7!

I spoke with someone at the Joslin about my honeymoon being over - it’s more gradual and with LADA - the person I spoke with saw a pattern with LADA’s where they maintained a higher level of sensitivity but it did degrade over time.

I was thinking my honeymoon was over when i was spiking in the morning but discovered it was more about having Dawn Phenomenon. We decided to split my long-acting up into two shots: one at 10pm & 10am. I am having even better control now that I am now on the pump and can regulate the early hour dosages rather than the long-acting shots.

Another comforting thought, for me, was that my sensitivity would degrade over time and worrying about the honeymoon was just a contributor to my stress.

Good luck

Hey thanks for the kind words! It has been a gradual thing unfortunately. I too thought that I was experiencing Dawn Phenomenon, but my endo confirmed that I was not. I’m not on insulin yet, but it’s looking like I’m heading that way. Unlike a lot of people that I’ve been talking to here I have a great endo who is the LADA go to guy for the entire mid-south area. Luckily he really likes me as he sees that I am taking this VERY seriously and doing what I’m supposed to do.

Great point about the stress factor!!! I’m trying. :slight_smile:

I am interested to hear what your endo thinks a good time to begin meds is… I am also a newer LADA and I wonder when it is best to begin meds. My doc said when my A1c is 6.3 or if I have 150 BG frequently (which I have neither yet but some unexpected 1 hour high spikes getting higher into 150’s on an extrememly low carb diet).

I am actually on meds. I have been since I was diagnosed. I’m on Byetta, Starlix 3 times a day, and Actos once a day. As well as a low-carb diet and frequent exercise (5 times a week, very intense.) I get spikes all of the time. My endo wanted to get me started on meds right away because as he told me these meds will “preserve my pancreas” for as long as it can. He really wants me to go on insulin, but I’ve been resistant to it. I really thought that this last trip he would put me on it, but I dropped my A1C from 6.1 to 5.7 so he just told me to keep doing what I am doing for the time being. When I was diagnosed my A1C was 6.8 (if memory serves me correct.) He was very straight forward with me from the beginning. He told me I would be on insulin and it could be as quickly as 3 weeks or as long as 3 years, but I WOULD be on insulin eventually.

Hi kpatter! What state are you in? I’m in the southeast and would be interested to know who your dr. is. You can message me if you’d prefer. Thanks!

I’m in Tennessee.

Does your endo still have you on Byetta and Actos? It was believed that it would prolong the Beta cells and therefore the honeymoon. I would ask again next time you go about the current research results.