The end of the honeymoon?

Hey guys-

A quick question: For those of you who actually still had a honeymoon period where you were still making insulin, did you experience erratic blood sugar numbers towards the end?

this seems to be happening to me- and I’m not on short acting insulin- just lantus, so I while I can explain high BS numbers- I’m having a real hard time explaining lows.

I can’t say. Back when I went through the “honeymoon phase” They didn’t have bs machines just the gold old urine testing "course that was in like 73 maybe 74 though!

This is what I was told by my CDE, that if I was still honeymooning she would expect me to have days were I was low and fighting it as my pancreas would kick in and start working a little again.

Thank you-

I was starting to think I was going crazy- or that I would never ever achieve glycemic control.