Is the idea regarding obesity and Type 2 diabetes wrong?

I’m not sure where to post this. A friend of mine sent me this link via facebook. It is a TedMed Talk where the presenter raises the question of whether we need to “flip” the symptoms/diagnosis, with the question above.

I found it … well, I’ll hold off on sharing my opinion because I am really interested in what you all think.

TedMed Talk on the

Also, here is a direct link to the YouTube video.

Thanks Brian for putting this in the right place.


Several of us have posted links to this TedMed talk before the changeover. Can’t thank you enough for bringing it forward. It is brilliant and one hopes it will help our T2s stand proud against the stereotypes and shaming about The D and who they Really are!..Blessings, YogaO…and, again, thank you…I hope this gets pinned, though I don’t know how yet, having just learned what pinned even is!..

I can’t view the video on my system, but have heard the controversy. I was neither overweight nor sedentary at Dx, but tested negative for antibodies and Dx of T2D has stood, despite my doctors’ disbelief… Since diagnosis and treatment with insulin, have unfortunately gained weight all too easily - despite continuing to be active and eating less than before! Look at me now, and you might get the wrong idea, but again… .which caused which? (and yes, I’m working on the weight, but it has been an insane struggle!)

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I think that’s the point, Thas…the variations, the Diabolical Whimsy, of our scourge, make many, many generalizations really inaccurate. I was a professional dancer for 40 years and definitely not obese at dx. But about 18 months ago I gained 40lbs in 5 weeks before finally getting the hypothyroid dx. Now, at 65, with serious arthritis and fibromyalgia, losing that weight is going to be difficult…Anyway—If you can google TedMed and Utube in some combination, you can probably find it. The guy really is brilliant and challenging notions that really need to be challenged…Blessings…