TED Talk about T2

I was weeping halfway thru. This discussion has happened a lot in the DOC. But the affirmation is very moving....


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Fabulous, fabulous! Thank you :)

This is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Like receiving a drink of cold water on a scorching hot day, I have an actual sensation of relief hearing a doctor say these things. Regardless where his research leads, the intellectual humility that underpins it should be a lesson to every health care professional (or amateur). I am just simply floored by this.

"New Idea Resistance" should become a standard part of the medical vocabulary, just like "insulin resistance". (It won't -- but it should.)

Dr. Attia is an eloquent speaker. If you read his bio, you will also see that he co-founded the Nutritional Science Initiative (NUSI) with Gary Taubes. And Judith is right, it is an important message for us to hear that our type 2 diabetes was not something we caused by our lifestyle and weight gain, but is instead something much more insidious gone wrong.

Wow what a breath of fresh air, thanks for posting this Judith! In the end he's simply advocating for the proper application of the scientific method.

Attia is an impressive guy here is a post with another video, it also includes a link to his website for any who are interested.

Great video. I've read some of Peter Attia's work and have learned a great deal.

While I'm not a T2D, we all need to work in our own ways to dispel the cultural myths that needlessly fuel the shame associated with this disease.

I just emailed a link of this video to my circle of close family members. T2D is exploding and all of us know someone with this condition. It's time we explode the ignorance.

Excellent, Thank you for posting this Judith. I see a lot of truth in what he says, I like a lot of T2s have experienced the insulin resistance and excessive weight associated with my disease. I brought my weight and IR into line not buy limiting fat but rather by limiting the excess carbs in my diet.

I hope there movement in the scientific community to finally determine which came first the chicken or the egg or in other words which came first, Insulin resistance or obesity.

Those of you who have a further in Peter Attia should visit his blog EatingAcademy. He has a post about his TedMed talk and gives an interesting perspective (behind the scenes) of these talks. This talk is very different than most of his writings or presentations which are much more informational with lots of graphs, data and references.