Is There A Civil War?

** There’s been a lot of conversation about the Civil war: Diabetes vs. diabetes article by Julie Deardorff that originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune. One of the contributor’s was David Edelman and his post on Diabetes Daily, Which Is Worse? My personal reply to that thread was “The worst kind? That’s an easy one. It’s whichever type affects you or a loved one.” So here’s my take on the whole thing…

Is there a Civil War? Yes and no.

The basis of the rift is the same as any bias or prejudice: Ignorance. Read more at Strangely Diabetic

As you know, that topic comes up about twice a year, every year, usually on most Diabetes Communities. I guess some People like arguing since someone always gets “upset” or “dissed” in that discussion. It bores me and I don’t think I’ve taken part in any of these discussions since BOTH TYPES ARE BAD!!. I say that either is Bad because a Diabetic can get into a car crash, complications, disabled or die from either Type. Also like you say Scott, if either happens to us, a Friend or Family member, then it’s Bad. Sorry, I’m in a mood since it’s raining cats and dogs and we can’t go across town to the Hospital visit our Type 2 Friend who was in a crash last month.

I think we’re ALL diabetic no matter what and we should be here for each other and not “fussing” over which Type we are!

My Dear brother has type 2 , diagnosed about 20 years ago ; I have type 1 since 1983 …Brother and I keep on comparing … we appear to have many similar concerns : …it’s work 24/7/365

I disagree that the rift is just based on ignorance. It certainly is not ignorance to say that autoimmune diabetes (Type 1 diabetes) and insulin-resistant diabetes (Type 2 diabetes) are fundamentally two different diseases with different genetics, causes, treatments, and potential cures. I think it is essential to differentiate between the two diseases. The problem of misdiagnosis of adult-onset Type 1 as Type 2 diabetes is enormous, and causes untold human suffering. Prior to the 1970s, researchers speculated that they were two different diseases, and in the 1970s when it was finally determined that Type 1 is autoimmune and Type 2 is not, it was confirmed that T1 and T2 are different diseases.

All that said, I loathe the approach of the “Civil War” article. Using the term “civil war” is sensationalist journalism and inflammatory. And the young woman who is first quoted is ANGRY and is taking her anger out on Type 2 diabetics, which is simply uncalled for. Yes, the two diseases share some common symptoms, but they fundamentally are two different diseases and in my opinion deserve different names.

Melitta, I agree with you 100% that autoimmune and insulin-resistant diabetes are different, and that it is essential to differentiate between the two.

The problem is that that’s not how most people draw the line in the sand. To most people (including most people with autoimmune diabetes), T1 = insulin for life, carb-counting, bolusing, fear of hypos and T2 = diet and exercise.

Everything would be so much clearer and non-judgmental if we were to use ‘autoimmune’ and ‘insulin-resistant’ as you have outlined!!!