The diabetes war so proud

In the battle field of diabetes
No one decides to freely enlist, it is not a war of choice, the enlistees are all draftees the brave warriors are chosen with no mercy, children or no exception or exempt, though parents may beg and plead, fighting is not an option you must give it your all
there is no clear enemy since its within your own body
I can guarantee the trek will not be easy, you will grow weak and weary, but you will find it deep within to persevere and carry on,don’t be scared to ask for support, help does not make one weak,but super strong
if you go low and fall down, you learn and get right back up, everyday is new and you can change
It’s a rage within, and there are no truces or quick pullouts, your in it for the long haul
There is no noman’s land and it knows no limits, it’ll take and take, there are no knowns
We just have to hold on and unite until a remedy is found through campaigning and probing rodents, but until that day comes, spirits must soar above the ordinary, diabetics are an extraordinary breed
The best form of ammo is trial and error, using insulin and carbs as means, and not by blastings as much as you can to wipe out the enemy, but rather taking small small incremental tweaks and time, lengthy time happens to be on your side, instead of nuking/bombing in one big sweep and thus being done
diabetes is a daily war, that knows no R&R, there are no holidays, it stays 24/7
so no time to revamp and when you may feel all alone and like giving up and like the path is un-traveled in your individual war, remember over 250 million are just like you, You are not alone, there is hope, there is a tomorrow we are all in the same war just different battles, so stay strong and whatever you do hold on
hold on the end is so near, there will be a cure, so march on
we will soon overcome, so hold on

Joy,can I show this beautiful moving words to my patients and post it to my colleauges in the hospital with your photo ( copy & past).I e emailed one from Jess and all my doctors admired her article about MODY 3.Let me know please.Your words are beautiful and moving…

I am deeply honored that my heart and words at only 19 could move/touch someone, If you feel it is of value and could help or inspire someone, then by all means yes you can, go right ahead. I did go back and re-read and edit a few needed spots so now it should be ready to go =) thanks again 4 taking the time out to read it!!!

9:20 am,Sat,I just posted to all consultants& residents in my hospital.I will print it and give it to my english speaking patients.Thanks