Is there a cure for diabetes?

When I embraced the raw food diet, it was largely due to reading Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s book which answered the question “is there a cure for diabetes” with, “There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+Program.”

I have a very dear friend who has lost 65+ pounds the past 3-4 months also due to this book. Like me, she was on a lot of medications and had dangerously high blood pressure. We both lost weight, brought down our blood pressure and were able to stop our medications.

My blood sugar numbers were close to “normal” as long as I was close to 100% raw. Does this mean there is a cure for diabetes? I don’t know, because I was having crazy cravings for bananas, so I decided to indulge in fruit and resumed my metformin. My numbers are better than before raw foods, but not as good as when I was 100%.

I admit it is my own fault. The book recommends you maintain low blood sugar levels and remain in the first phases of the diet for a much longer period of time (years) to give your body a chance to “heal.”

Maybe with more weight loss I could become more sensitive to insulin and react less to fruit. However, even if I lost weight and maintained 100% raw for a decade, I don’t think I would ever be able to eat a banana/honey smoothie without my blood sugar levels spiking. I will still, for all intents and purposes, be a diabetic - I think. Is there a cure for diabetes? Will I be able to eat bananas later if I hold out and lose some more weight?

I once had an endocrinologist who told me that once my blood sugar levels got to 180 mg/dL for an extended period of time, my body underwent cellular changes that could be identified under a microscope. If I remained on raw food for a significant period of time, would those changes go away? It would be interesting if anyone could answer that question. Dr. Cousens?

So I guess the answer to “is there a cure for diabetes” depends on what your definition of “cured” is. For some reason I have a problem with that word. I have such an issue, I have a hard time recommending the book to friends, family, and especially the members of my website - even though it had a big part in changing my life.

I don’t want to appear like the ads that bombard my members with advertisements for potions that will cure diabetes. Another issue, is when I was done reading the book, I felt I really should go to the Tree of Life Spa (which is literally down the road). Would I really have received more benefit going, or would I have gotten the same results and lost money? I don’t want my members thinking I’m trying to get them to blow a lot of money either.

So is there a cure for diabetes?

Is there a cure for diabetes? I don’t know. Should I recommend this book? Yes, I believe so, but I have to express my reservations. Thank you if you read this post all the way to end.

You can’t be cured unless you can, at any time you want however long you want, eat and do everything a non-diabetic can without it affecting your bloodsugar at all ever.

I believer changing to raw food diet and losing weight is a just way of managing the disease.

I agree with Jaclyn. Controlling is not the same as curing.

Bummer, Im still new to this, but I swear I was told at some point that the fat was blocking the sugar/insulin/cell processing process and if i get the fat out of the way I would be "OK’ aka no more diabetes. So not the case eh? I guess it really doesnt matter now that i think about it. I have to radically alter my eating (and drinking habits) to supposedly “not be diabetic” but if im “not diabetic” and revert to my old ways, im back in trouble. Hehehe so ok i think i answered my own question.

Ill defer to all you with much more experience I suppose :slight_smile: This site has already opened my eyes more and got me thinking about my diabetes more than my “formal diabetes education” that im about 75% through.

Thanks all!, time to go put together that new exercise bike i picked up last night!

I personally don’t believe in a 100% raw diet. I had been tracking my nutrients on You wouldn’t believe what great vitamins and minerals I was getting. It’s the most complete I’ve been eating in my entire life…but you have to really struggle to get all your B vitamins - which mostly comes from meat, fish, etc.

So I’m “mostly” raw, meaning I try to eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, but I do eat other stuff. The raw diet CAN be dangerous if people don’t pay attention to what they eat, plan, and track it if they decide to be 100%.

Also, especially with diabetes, food can be as powerful as drugs, so you have to pay attention to complication and drug interactions. That’s why I’m starting a site just for people with diabetes who want to add more raw - because on the other sites they get the message that all raw food is good and heals everything - and it doesn’t. You do have to be cautious. So, believe me I’m still realistic, but I really do see tremendous benefits adding lots of raw fruits and vegetables. I’ve seen thing from improved teeth and health to my blood pressure going back to normal. :slight_smile: