Is there a Novolog U200?

I have been on Humilog U200 in my pump but just got a letter from CVS/Caremark that the new formulary only approves Novolog. I can’t find anywhere online that Novolog come in U200 but only U100. Can’t believe they actually expect someone to go back to using twice as much insulin and twice as many infusion sets and reservoirs.

I do not think so. I think only Lilly makes U 200

You make a good case for an exception and/or appeal. Perhpas if your plan cannot deliver a U200 rapid acting analog alternative and your current care is based on a U200 concentration, maybe the plan would let you stick with the Humalog. They should. They are not providing an equivalent therapy.

I did a quick search and the only other U200 insulins are in the longer acting variety like Tresiba U200.

I just got back from CVS where I spoke to the pharmacist and she said there is no Novolog U200. My endo’s office told me there was and sent a new script for Novolog. I’ve got a call into the endo’s office for him to call me. He has to tell the insurance company I need the U200. Up to now I’ve only been dealing with medical assistants so I think something is getting lost in translation. Or it’s time to get a new endo. He is very good, but if he’s so busy he can’t take the time to look at your charts it doesn’t matter how good he is.