Cut the Crap: The difference between HumaLog and NovoLog

Sorry, this one is pretty short compared to my other “cut the crap” blog posts. I really don’t have a whole lot of free time and with the long discussion about the differences between humalog and novolog I thought it would be interesting to post something. Hopefully I didn’t make any errors and it came out interesting.

There is a controversy right now among individuals about the differences between the two types of rapid acting insulin Humalog (Insulin Lispro) and Novolog (Insulin Apart). People claim they are the same, they are different and one works better than the other. This post will focus on the structure of the human insulin compared to each analog, and molecular mechanisms of each type, how they are formulated and how each should work. I’m not saying one is better than the other. The actions of each are specific to each person and the choice of insulin should always be a discussion between you and your physician. I have my personal preference and that’s exactly it, my personal preference for how I control my disease.

The first thing is to distinguish between the different types of insulin. This post will focus specifically on 2 of the rapid acting insulins, Humalog and Novolog. I am working on another blog post about how long acting insulins work. While they are different, they can be used interchangably. Pharmacies will readily substitute one for the other if they are out and the patient does not have a strong preference. This has been my experience, yours may/will differ.

So how are Novolog and Humalog different from regular human insulin?

This is a very important topic and will take up the majority of this post because this will explain why one may work better than others. Endogenously secreted human insulin is a relatively simple protein. I’ll bypass the synthesis and processing, if you want me to post about that please say so. Insulin is secreted as a…

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This intreste me b/c Humalog dosent work to well for me and my bs’s but Novolog does. Can u go father into it?

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lily (makers of humalog) use natural rubber solids in their stoppers, what made me switch. I actually preferred humalog but had to switch due to a latex allergy.

Doris - I will try. Exams are the next weeks so I don’t know how much time I will have.

Matthew - Didn’t know that. Thanks! I’ll remember that when I’m in the clinic. I’ll have to talk with the Lily rep about that when I see them again. See if we can do something about that.

Can I get an invite to read your post? CVS Caremark has just told me they no longer cover Humalog. This pisses me off, as Apidra doesn't work well in my pump. And I've no experience with Novolog.

i have tried to switch insulins because novolog is no longer covered by my insurance. i have had to use humolog annd have terrible results. my bs are all
the place. i am having my bs are in the 400s and then my bs crass down to the 20s. SOS.

Can I get an invite to read your post? I am with CVS Caremark too and I take Humalog.

Can I get an invite to your post, Ive been taking Humalog but now they are switching me to Novalog do to formulary changes.

I would like to read more. Do I need to be invited? I am concerned that I have developed an intolerance to Novolog and need to figure out which insulin to turn to next.

Very interested in this. Forgot a vial of novolog while on vacation, had to settle for humalog, been noticing higher bs. Could you please invite me to read?

Due to changes on my insurance formulary I’ve had to change from Hmalog to Novalog. On Humalg my A1C was 5.9 to 6.2, Since switching 3 months ago to Novolog m A1C is now 7.2. My I/C ratio has gone from 1unit for every 19 carbs to 1 unit for 4 carbs! I hate it when insurance determines what meds they think works for you!


Will you please invite me to read this article. We have got new insurance and they will only cover humalog. My daughter has been on novolog since she was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago. We have been able to manage her blood sugar well with novolog, her last A1C being 6.1. Looking into the difference between the two; I have heard good and bad about both. I just want more information.

I’m sorry but I believe SUFu is no longer an active member here.

Could I please have an invite to the post comparing Humalog and Novolog? Pharmacist recommended a switch from Humalog kwik pen to Novolog kwik pen for cost savings and endocrinologist approved the change. BS numbers have been really high since about a week after switching. I’d like to read this article for further insight before I request to switch back.

FYI- Humalog does not work well with the tubing for a Medtronic pump. Its like it clogs the tubing. The only one that works in my pump is Novolog. Hope this helps.

that was not my experience. I used Medtronic infusion sets for many years w Humalog and never had this happen. YDMV I guess.

How can I see the entire post, difference between Humalog and Novolog?

How can I read the whole blog?

Sorry, the OP left our community some time ago and deleted their blog. I am not aware of any way to read the blog.