Is There a Way to Speed Up 2-Hr Dexcom Sensor Restart

Has anyone found a way to speed up the Dexcom sensor restart? I saw a Youtube video showing that you can restart your “receiver” for 2 hours: put it in the microwave to shield it from your phone, so your phone will keep showing Dexcom BG while receiver finishes its 2-hrs. After that they will sync and you can shut down receiver.]
I usually don’t mind restarting the sensor and being away from BG readings for 2 hours, but at times the restart comes at a bad time and I would like the restart to happen faster. Any work-arounds?

I think you can do it with Xdrip but I am looking for another way before I try Xdrip.

you are absolutely correct that xdrip can restart a sensor sooner. My wife does it in 5 minutes and I do mine in about 15 to 20 minutes. I have not discovered a way to do it with the Dexcom receiver. Actually as far as xdrip and restarts we don’t have to restart we can just keep xdrip running beyond 7 days for the g5

Thanks. I have G5. Is Xdrip easy to use? Do I have to stop or refrain from anything to use it?

Easy to use but hard to set up if you haven’t ever used it. There are a zillion settings. You could try it with the default settings and see if it works with your phone and go from there. Android phones with Pie are having issues with xDrip. I use an S7 and it works fine (Android 7.0.0)

Another option is to restart early at a time of convenience.

I thought it looked hard to use so I have not used it. Maybe when I am more ambitious.

LOL. that’s if u remember.

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It is daunting to use the first time.

Yes. That would be the reality of it.


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Two of my fav things about xDrip is it has a widget so i can instantly see the glucose level on my home screen, and it will speak the readings if you so choose. I used Dexcom for Android for less than one day, because it is so limited in features, compared to xDrip.

EDIT: I forgot the other awesome feature: I can see the readings on my Gear 2 watch, with no additional app needed.

ignore the “21”. that is a notification count.

I did realize I could add a widget for Xdrip…I am going to have to do that now.

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Well we got on to Xdrip and away from speeding up sensor restart but valuable info. I just got a watch that stays on all the time so I just look at my wa

tch and always see readings.

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my widget at top of my phone (heavily cropped, only showing about the top 1/4 of my screen)

Xdrip is a little confusing to set up due to all the options as has been said. I am pretty technical, so did’t have too much trouble. My favorite thing is that I have a lot more control over the alarms.

One of the other great things is that Xdrip allows you to continue using transmitters past the arbitrary time limit that Dexcom and integrated pumps set. My transmitter “expired” even though it had just said there was 14 days left and I only went 7 days, so I was left wondering what I was going to do until I realized Xdrip would still work with it.

How does one start a sensor faster with Xdrip though?

I only heard that, I don’t know for sure as not an Xdrip user. If I find out I will let you know.

Go to the Start Sensor page and then change the insertion time to the time of your choice, to reduce the 2-hour wait to whatever you want. My wife actually starts hers a mere 5 minutes after insertion. I have too much trouble with flaky readings if I start too soon, so I opt for about 20 minutes or more, depending on my mood. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I never tried that. I guess I just figured it wouldn’t make a difference. I have been missing out!

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You guys are good!

Does anyone know if they are planning on making an app for iPhone?

What kind of app?