Is there any software?

i am in need of a software that can keep track of my BS readings and make a graph out of it , insulin amount and other features too . . it will be better if it is to be a free download . pls . help me out ,

There’s Microsoft Excel, which you may already have, so in a sense it’s free.
If you don’t have Excel you probably have another spreadsheet program.

Or check these sites:

I found these by typing ‘free blood glucose software’ into Google and it didn’t cost a cent. I haven’t tried any of these programs, except Excel and other spreadsheets, so I can’t vouch for any of them.


Can always beg the meter company for a cable/USB device to download info directly from your meter to your computer. They also usually supply free software to analyze the data…big money is in the cable or transfer device and of course, the strips. I recently contacted WaveSense and they are sending me out a free USB cable…and they make their software available for download free at their website but, have used Abbott supplies for years and they would not supply the cable…so, depends on the company. Most companies give away the software. So…would recommend logging on to your meter’s web site and see what is available.

There is they can make graphs and chart insulin and all meds. They give averages and you can e-mail to your doc or print it out to take to them. It logs all your meds insulin and time of day taken. I love the site. Plus it is free. They have a plan you can pay for too or the free one. The free one is just as good.

for mac users there is “diabetes logbook x” it seems very nice so far and it is free