Software that graphs BG, carbs, insulin, AND activity?

I have been looking everywhere for some software that would make a visual graph of blood sugars, basal and bolus insulin, carbs, AND activity level. Does anyone know if such a thing exists, or how to do it in a program like Excel?? I’ve found lots of software that will graph BG, insulin, and carbs, but none that has exercise in there as well. I’d like something I could glace at and immediately see that, oh I went high after eating that carb-heavy meal or went low after that period of activity, etc.

This could be done in Excel with a little work, however it would be a lot of data to manually input. If you do go down that road, I would consider using a database program like Access. That way it won’t get so large and cumbersome over time.

Thanks for the link. I do have Access but don’t have much experience using it. Is it possible to make graphs in Access?

Do you know if there would be any way to import data from my meter, pump, and cell phone (has a pedometer program which tracks my activity level by the internal accelerometer)? If I could do that it would be very useful!

Thats the problem, otherwise I would have moved forward with the Access project months ago.

Best advice I can give is that google is your friend. From my understanding, not possible with Animas ping. Don’t know about the others.

I wonder if I understand your question …Medtronic /Carelink downloads all of the important information …I suppose you have to be a MM pumper …At times I forward my results to my Pump Nurse . I am a sensor wearer and it has helped looking at trends , so one can make adjustments to insulin delivery .I hope this helps . ( not computer savvy and still have trouble understanding all the lingo )

Yeah, I’ve heard that software is good, but you have to use Minimed products, which I don’t.

Jennifer, someone on the main page is asking simelar question " is there any software " discussion started Oct. 3 by vinodh …Terry Keelan responded ; helpful for you ??