Macintosh-friendly software for bood sugars?

Does anyone know of mac friendly software to keep track of numbers? I use a Paradigm link - and they have a program to help analyze sugars, but not for Mac. Any ideas? Thanks!

I heard that minimed is working on a mac version. I hope they do it soon. I love my mac

Oh my gosh, that is good to hear. I’d love to know how you came across that information. I’m going to buying a pump in the next few months and this would be HUGE factor in my decision. So I’d like to be able to continually track this kind of thing if possible.

Hey - I hate to say that there is not much out there from what I can see. See this post on my blog on this same topic. (You’ll need to scroll down to the “Macs and D-Software” section.)

I bought my latest Mac for home just about 2 years ago, so while it is fabulous, it isn’t run on the Intel chip. I am considering an upgrade just so that I can easily run Windows and thus be able to upload my meter.

One other note: Bernard Farrell is working on developing a standard for diabetes data collection.

This is not automatic in any way, but here’s a client-based software for Macs: I haven’t used it, though: a friend of mine sent me the link and that’s all I know.

Now, if you don’t want to tie yourself to a platform and feel comfortable using web-based applications, I seriously recommend you try out (here’s a post I wrote about the product on my blog). It’s the brainchild of Marston, one of our members.

Hope this helps!

Good resource. I guess I’ve been focusing on programs that let you import from a meter. DiabetesLogbookX is a good program and you can indeed import from a Palm (but you must first manually enter the info into the Palm).

These are some good leads. I’m with you Leslie, in thinking in terms of importing from the meter. I want it streamlined! This disease is complicated enough without having to be a whiz kid with technology too, you know?


I have a section on Mac software on my Diabetes Software page. It’s at

Ditto to streamlining. I wouldn’t get it all in manually so lazy (busy) am I.

I’ve been playing with Diabetes Logbook X all day, and although I truly want something for my Mac that will also import my meter data, this is probably the most straightforward and easy software to use that I’ve tried. It produces fabulous reports. And, it’s FREE (though the developer encourages you to donate to his a UK diabetes org).

I am very impressed so far. I had been using HealthEngage, but the meter import won’t work (for me at least…and I’m a geek), and it’s a bit cumbersome and convoluted.

Diabetes Logbook X is my favorite so far.

I just found this site using a Google search (keyword “OS-X diabetes” ). I have not used but I have been thinking about it. The downside is that this is commercial software and my MacBook supports USB only ( serial ports are so 1980s). A serial to USB cable would be required.

The HealthEngage software works with USB cables. There are free drivers for the Mac that will emulate a serial port over USB.

I’m not knocking HeatlhEngage since I’m glad to support Mac software for diabetes tracking and management, but I’ve never been able to get the HealthEngage software to recognize my OneTouch Ultra despite using two different cables and downloading and re-installing drivers multiple times.

Is it working for you?

i couldnt get HealthEngage to work with my freestyle flash. I know the serial adapter I have works because I was able to upload my numbers into CoPilot using VirtualPC…which is almost prohibitively slow to use.

It works for me. here’s what i had to do to get it working:

  1. Install the Prolific USB Serial driver for the mac. (available here
  2. Restart the mac
  3. Start HealthEngage
  4. When you go to import data from a device, select “usbserial” as the port, and the appropriate OneTouch meter (i tried both the ultra and the ultra 2)
  5. The software should read the data off the meter

Let me know if you need help.

Has anyone been able to get Health Engage to work on a Mac with the Aviva? The IR cable and USB adapter costs $40 and I’d like to know before I spend the money. One thing I’m looking at is the possibility of using the IR port on the new iMacs - not sure if that’s available to other programs, though.

I’m also concerned about some reports of lack of support and non-functionality of the Mac version.

[This is copy from other forum, where there was same question.]

Hi !

There is directory of all diabetes software, from Mendosa (David I think).

There is also piece of software I am developing. Release will be around 4th April this year, but if you wanted to test it out I can send it to you… I have been asking for some help in Geek group, but so far no replies… It’s in Java, so you need to have 1.6 java installed… I am still working on carb counting functionality…

So let me know…


I have HealthEngage working on my MacBook just fine with the Keyspan USB to Serial converter.

Do a search for “diabetes” at It’s all open-source software, and while most may be for Linux there are lots that are ported for the Mac (and Windows, ech!). Good luck!

I forgot to mention that if you have an Intel based Mac, then you can try my advice from another post:

You can try a Windows emulator or Virtual Machine and not have to dual boot. Have a look at (which is free) or (which is $60, but has a 30 day free trial). Hope this helps!