Is this Roche's comback into the Pump game?

For at least a number of years, Roche Diagnostics, through their Accu-Chek brand has been providing people with Diabetes with products on the Insulin Pump and Glucose Monitor markets. While this products have been heavily marketed, many people think they were not exactly leaders in the field.

Now Roche may be about to lauch the best Roche insulin pump ever

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I’m staying with what I have until warranty goes out, Then will see what options are out there.

The PING (Animas) will currently work on the Mac platform and Windows. Giving us CHOICES in our preferred computer OS’s we wish to use. I would like to see CGMS integration, which is rumoured to in later 2009-2010, with the Dexcom system.

The Omni-Pod looks cool, but I can’t fathom throwing away a $35.00 ‘pump’ after one use, and if I lost the PDM, I’m SOL. I wait for iPhone integration/Mac compatibility, I wait for CGMS integration like I have with Minimed, and it would be cool enough if the pump software worked on the Mac as well as Windows. I have a partition of my HD for Windows VISTA JUST for the pump upload. How bass-ackward is that? Also, the Omni-pod uses Freestyle strips and I can’t see well enough to make them work for me.

I used to use Disetronic, it was quite nice to have a back up pump, but they’ve stopped that, so it doesn’t matter anymore based on that alone.

I use the accu-check Compact Plus, as the hoped for aviva nano is still no where to be seen in the USA yet. For the Minimed pump/CGMS, I use the One Touch Ultra Link. It’ll be the PING or the next generation of Minimed for me so far.

I’ve used disetronic pumps (H-Tron and now Spirit) for 20 years. I have always had the back-up pump. I just had to use it a couple of months ago when I was having a problem with one of the buttons. I’ve never had to take a shot all this time. I’ve also been totally amazed, impressed, and every other good feeling with their customer service. I just read here about someone having to call customer service with another pump brand, and waiting on the phone over an hour! I’m looking forward to the new one.