Omnipod and CMG

I haven’t been in an Omnipod meeting in over a year, so I am going to ask you guys. Does anybody know what happened with Dexcom and Onmipod joining together to have only one machine for both of them? I was looking in the website and it looks like they are going woth the Freestyle navigator. I want to get pregnant soon so I am trying to get on a CMG, but I wanted to go with the one that is working with Omnipod now. Any thought on this…?

Thanks for your help!

Here is an article from diaTribe (2nd article down) about integration efforts thus far. Dex is still getting paperwork together for 4th gen sensor application to the FDA. Omnipod is waiting for the 4th gen…so it has to be approved before they can begin to submit paperwork. It will likely be middle to late 2012 before anything w/ integration comes out.

Also Abbott still has an “indefinite” hold on transmitter/receiver production of the Navi. I wouldn’t hold my breath on any of their new product being integrated for a LONG time as they don’t even have a product available right now…

I’ve heard the same things as Bradford.

I’m on my second pregnancy though (both with Freestyle Navigator) and am soon switching to a Dexcom due to a backorder issue with Freestyle Navigator. I wouldn’t wait for the integrated device to get pregnant (obviously). It’s very do-able with separate devices! I’d look into Dexcom if I were you.

thanks Melissa!! I have been reading your posts about pregnancy! thanks for replying to my question!!! :smiley: I will look into dexcom! I have been reading that it is very good. The only one that I have used is the one from minimed, but did not like it. I have read this one is so much better. Good luck with your pregnancy, but I am sure that everything will turn out fine for you and your baby!

You are right! thanks for the link on the article! :smiley:

There are people who love the Minimed cgms, but I personally find it archaic when compared to the technology that the other companies use. It’s painful and inaccurate.

I love my Navigator and am holding on to it for now, but the Dexcom seems to be where the future of integration is at, so I’m going ahead and ordering one. My insurance will cover all but about $250 of the $1350ish pricetag, so it’s worth seeing what your insurance can do for you.

And thanks for the well-wishes. I’ll be blogging about it soon. I’m not “out” yet to friends and family on Facebook, so I’ve had to keep this pregnancy off my blog for the most part.

Ok so Dexcom is having a great effect in the market. I have used Navigator for 3 years now. Its good but i reckon Dexcom is better. Dont forget that you always have to hvae the human link - FDA will not allow it - also, having just started with the OmniPod it does require a little human decision over the readings. Mainly when going through pregnancy !

Yeah, I was surprised to see that you were pregnant again, I figure I had missed that part! but I read some of your blogs on your first pregnancy. I am just starting to think about pregnancy. I am going to wait for my A1C on September to see if my doctor gives my the okay. That is why I want to get on a CGM asap! My last A1C was 7.5, so I have a lot of homework to do. :smiley:

I managed to get green-lighted to try to conceive a month BEFORE I started on my CGMS, but it took testing 13-14 times per day. I dropped from around 7.0 to 6.1 by joining TuDiabetes and really taking the reins on my own health. Best advice I got starting out here (other than: go get a CGMS!) were to test more frequently, leave meters everywhere (so I wouldn’t have the excuse of “left it on my nightstand” or whatever), and take your insulin 10-30min before you eat. Those tidbits changed everything for me.

Of course, actually HAVING the CGMS made keeping my pregnancy in check much easier. And my fingers appreciated less poking.

Best of luck!!!