Is this still dawn phenomenon?

Hey all!

I recently posted about my mid morning highs, that seem to occur striaght after lows.

This morning I woke up 121 and spent an hour getting ready for work, walked 10 minutes to the bus, and I decided to test again (this is about an hour after my 121)and I was 60! I did not feel low, so I decided to just put on a temp basal of .3 (which is half) and test in a little while...after the bus ride about 45 minutes later I was 247.

I did not eat (which some say could be the problem of DP) I did however take my metformin during that time.

Does this seem wacky to anybody? Is it still just the DP or does the met have anything to do with high rebounds to lows. I know I could have treated my 60...but I had a feeling this was going to happen which is why I only treated with a temp basal.

6:00 am 121
7:00 am 60
7:45 am 247

I find temp basals very tricky. It's so hard to get it right without going high. If I go more than minus 10-20% I usually end up going high. I think 50% is a big decrease especially during that time of the morning.

Did you double-check the low? I usually test again if I get a low or high reading without symptoms. It's possible you weren't really as low as your meter said.

I didnt double check, but i ususally do! So i think youre right, it was probably a fluke..especially since i felt fine

I would also be suspicious of the 60 and would have done a second or even third fingerstick especially since you were ready to take action with a temp basal reduction. For my body, I seem to get a little grace period of 15-20 minutes below 60 before the liver and counter-regulatory hormones start pushing the BG into sustained hyperglycemia.

It's also possible that your 121 reading was inaccurately high. It could have been in the mid-90s and falling fast.

I often find that these kind of things tend to repeat 24 hours later (a kind of metabolic echo). Be on the lookout tomorrow morning for a similar circumstance.

DP and fasting highs in the morning are related.

You have to eat. When you don't, the hormone signaling from the gut that tells the liver to stop dumping glucose doesn't happen. When I don't eat, I fight persistent highs all morning, regardless of whether I pump a supertanker full of insulin in me or not.

This morning, OTOH, I had bacon and eggs, virtually zero carbs, but it did the signaling trick, and I wound up with persistent lows all morning.

I have seen this effect happen almost every time (eat, no persistent highs; don't eat, stubborn highs). Others have posted here with the same experience.

Eat, Andrea. Even if you're just grabbing a beefstick or something. A couple of string cheese sticks. Or, if your carb count / bolusing is reliable, eat a granola bar on the run.

It'll make all the difference in the world!

I have just bought some macadamia nuts to eat each morning, as I am low carbing. How do these fasting highs work for people who do intermittent fasting?