It might be working

I’ve been low carb, but not extreme for about a year.I’m not paranoid if I go offplan, which I do occasionally and usually prepare for by taking Starlix. Mostly I just use metformin. I resist the temptation to eat carbs most of the time, so that I won’t need the Starlix and can continue my downward weight.
Today, after Aqua mobility class, one of our group ( a retired chef; we’re all oldies) brought out a birthday cake for our instructor. We all had a bit and it was delicious. I checked my BG when I got home, after stopping off at the supermarket. about an hour and a half later. It was 6.7 (120.6) I hadn’t had any breakfast and I’d had a morning Metformin, but no medicine with the cake (and icing/frosting). A year ago something like that would have put me up to at least 13(234). Fasting BG was 5.2 (93) I know I’d been exercising, but I think my ability to deal with starch has improved. I don’t plan on doing this regularly, but Wow am I pleased! Anyone else had this happen?

The same thing is happening to me right now. I have been exercising a lot- just gardening, not formal exercise and I have started on a tiny amount of basal insulin. I have found that I don’t need fast acting insulin for small amounts of foods that would have normally sent me up high, such as corn, a single piece of bread etc. However, there are limits. I had 2 small potatoes last night and was up around 160 for more than 2 hours. Many people would find that acceptable but it is a bit higher than I like to go. I have been taking the Levemir for a couple of months so I think it’s the exercise that has made the difference.

I’ve been on a low carb, low glycemic index natural foods based diet for nearly a year now. In December, since upping my intake of potassium rich foods like bananas, apricots, tomatoes, etc… my glucose numbers went lower than normal. Into the fifties and sixties. I decided to quit the Metformin. I’ve never looked back. As long as I eat healthy foods, exercise daily, and don’t make ill advised choices, I can eat “normally” every now and then without a significant rise in BGL. It’s all about keeping the fat burned off with exercise, and giving the body what it needs to minimize insulin resistance… nutritious foods. Read more here:

It does work.