Would you believe it?

I have just returned from my nephew's wedding. It was a lovely service and very well organissed.
I put out some Metformin to take with me, but couldn't find it in my handbag, before we sat down to eat.
We'd been invited to make our meal choice, for the wedding breakfast, several weeks ago and I had tried to be careful. the only thing I had which I really shouldn't was the dessert of a fluffy chocolate mousse, which was not over sweetened. It was the lowest carb option on offer.
I drank mainly water, except for champagne for the toasts. We got home about 3 hours after eating and I immediately checked BG. Wholly expecting it to be out of target range [ under 6 [108], but 5.3 [95.4}!!! Brilliant. And I'd eaten 3 courses. I'm surprised and delighted by that and other than a little bit of goats cheese, I won't eat any more today and I didn't have breakfast, just coffee.
I suspect I still make some insulin and I'm sensitive to it.

Most Type 2 make normal levels of insulin. It is all about sensitivity maybe you were having a good day or you sensitivity is getting better due to your diet and weight and all that.

That is great. If you are able to eat without taking insulin, then you are definitely still producing some insulin.

I just went to a wedding and tried to stick to lower-carb items at the buffet but still really miscalculated my bolus and spiked to 20.2 after eating. :(

I don't take insulin;I use mainly my diet and 2 x 500mg Metformin per day. I haven't had to increase that in at least 5 years since I got my carbs right down.