It might run in the family... I need your input

Last night my moms side of the family had their thanksgiving get together, it was fun…nothing like being in a room full of loud crazy italians!

well my mom yelled across the room to me to check my sister…shes been running to the bathroom after eating or drinking anything… Lol, how embarrising for my sister!

So I pulled her aside into the bathroom and I asked her whats been going on…she tells me she has lost 8lbs in a month, she cant get enough taco bell, and she is just eating and drinking everything in sight and she always has to pee. So I took her pinky finger and tested her…

I figured it might have been a bad test, so I tested her identical twin sister (who was consuming even more carbs than the first one)… took her pinky finger and tested…

ok so Ally is running high. I told her I’d give her an hour and poke her again… well 1.5 hours later I pull out her pinky and tested her again…

Obviously, I told her to get to the doctor asap. Shes only 20. I dont know what to do or to say!

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I gave her my back up meter, complete with fish stickers on it and 15 test strips. Shes been checking before and after meals and I told her to check first thing in the morning. So far, predinner she was at 135… 3 hours after shes at 99 (after running around a baby shower all day).

Im sure shes fine, but I told her to keep doing it until a) she runs our of test strips or b) she gets into the doctors.

But the best part…

I told her she has to poke her own finger and do it on her own and Im letting her borrow my meter (Im thinking shes going to chicken out or be like “ewww gross”) she looks at me and says “wow, this is fun”

I looked at her like shes crazy… she said its cool and everything because she can see whats going on and also she gets to live like I do, she gets to experience it. (well all but the insulin pump thing :wink: )

Methods and criteria for diagnosing diabetes mellitus

  1. Diabetes symptoms (ie polyuria, polydipsia and unexplained weight loss) plus

a random venous plasma glucose concentration › 11.1 mmol/l
a fasting plasma glucose concentration › 7.0 mmol/l (whole blood › 6.1mmol/l)
two hour plasma glucose concentration › 11.1 mmol/l two hours after 75g anhydrous glucose in an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).
2. With no symptoms diagnosis should not be based on a single glucose determination but requires confirmatory plasma venous determination. At least one additional glucose test result on another day with a value in the diabetic range is essential, either fasting, from a random sample or from the two hour post glucose load. If the fasting or random values are not diagnostic the two hour value should be used

Classification and terms

Insulin-dependent (IDDM) and non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM) will be renamed Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
The terms Type 1 and Type 2 process will be introduced to describe the cause of insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes respectively. Both of these pathological processes will be clinically staged by the treatment that they need – from diet to insulin
Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT)* is a stage of impaired glucose regulation (Fasting plasma glucose ‹ 7.0 mmol/ and OGTT two hour value › 7.8mmol/l but ‹ 11.1 mmol/l).
Impaired Fasting Glycaemia (IFG)* has been introduced to classify individuals who have fasting glucose values above the normal range but below those diagnostic of diabetes. (Fasting plasma glucose › 6.1 mmol/l but ‹ 7.0 mmol/l). Diabetes UK recommends that all those with IFG should have an OGTT to exclude the diagnosis of diabetes, and are actively managed

I would recommend her getting checked out. Diabetes runs in my family - all the females on my mother’s side have been diagnosed - I was the youngest in diagnosis age.

I’d try to stay calm and reassuring (easy for me to say, I know). Panicking before you know anything for sure won’t help anyone. Maybe you can go to the doctor together? If he confirms it’s D you’ll be right there for her.
Good luck to you and your sister.



Make sure she goes to the Doctor to confirm if she has diabetes or not. Would it be possible for you to go with her for support? I think that would help her and let he know she isn’t alone. I will keep your sis in my prayers.

thanks so much for the advice!

It will be good if she has your support! :slight_smile: As we all know, it’s a HUGE lifestyle change. And having someone to talk to helps a lot.
If she finds out that she is a diabetic, talk to her. Let her yell and scream and cry to you. And refer her to TuDiabetes and other websites so she can start talking with other diabetics.
It happens and the best thing in the world is having someone to talk to.

I just had my brother diagnosed, he was over for dinner one night and I noticed he had been losing weight and peeing alot so i checked him awile after dinner, meter flashed HIGH, it was over 600, took him right to hospital and he is on metphormin and counting carbs now, they say he is TYPE2. but I am type 1, waiting to see if pills stop working for him like they did for me, I was misdiagnosed as t2 at first, my sister also has sugar issues and wont address it yet, good luck, hope she is ok