It seems I have a prescription for I gonna explode?

Seriously, my soon to be ex physician (he is leaving town…ask me if I am heartbroken, having been telling him for years there were other docs in town, which probably endeared me to his heart doncha know) anyway…his office visits consisted of a quick lube and a new or multiple new prescriptions. SO, recently I was like No to every Are you still taking checklist question, and I am only taking Caduet,( a combo cholesterol statin drug and Norvasc), metoprolol and Synthroid. I read someplace I think Mendosa…???..that metformin was not a good mix with I think the Toporol. Has anyone got any insight into this ? Even though I work in a medical facility, I am still suffering from the overwhelming feeling of having been hit by a truck after being diagnosed, and get very easily and quickly confused with all this. Thanks for any info!!

I take Toporol XL but am on insulin so not sure about the mixing with metformin. I know they can’t increase my Toprol anymore as I have astham and it can be bad for asthmatics but I have been taking it for 2 years and haven’t had it affect my asthma yet but they monitor it close and they said more than likely since it has affected me yet it probably won’t unless the dosage gets increased drastically.
Speaking of which I need to call my cardiologist and make an appointment with him.

I don’t know the meds you’re taking,( I’m in Britain, where the names are different) but I do believe David Mendosa. His reseach is excellent. If he says 2 drugs interact, they do. Also you can try a drugs interaction website to check.
I decided to try to cut my own medication last summer, by dropping my carb intake. It works. I still take the Metformin, that’s one not to drop As a bonus, I lost 30 pounds. Pity the weightloss has stalled . However I get my last A1c this afternoon. The health centre won’t tell me over the phone,so I’m going to see the diabetes nurse. she called me in to check my feet anyway.

Kelly why don’t you try asking your pharmacist. I find mine is very helpful with things like this.

Good idea! phamacists are trained to spot potential interactions. I remember from my student days(I was an agricultural microbiologist), learning about a hospital pharmacist, who spotted a problem with one doctor’s prescribing, queried it and probably saved that patient’s life.