It was just a matter of time

I knew after the first time I removed a G5 sensor that some day, when I removed a sensor, the sensor wire would end up remaining in my body. Tonight, sure enough, when helping my wife replace her sensor on her arm, the wire remained. It looked like a blonde hair sticking out at about a 45 degree angle. Because I’ve been keenly aware of this potential issue, it didn’t escape my notice. Pay attention that your sensor wire comes out with the sensor base; otherwise just pull it out separately.

If you have ever pulled out the wire from a used sensor body, you will see that it takes almost no force at all. And that’s why I’ve been on the lookout for this issue to crop up during sensor removals.

Gives new meaning to the bionic woman.

Happened to be twice lately - I wonder if there’s been some lower-quality manufacturing…

Are you all keeping the transmitter connected when you pull the sensor off? I always keep the transmitter snapped in while removing my sensors, and take the transmitter off only when the sensor is removed. I’ve never had a problem with the wire coming out, and it takes quite a bit of force to remove the wire when the transmitter is snapped in.

Wow!!! That just happened to me yesterday, for the first time.

It was also my longest sensor at 29 days. I noticed right away that it was still stuck in my thigh and it pulled out easily.

New sensor, from same batch, with expiration in Sept 2017, now in my other thigh. But it has been exaggerating both highs and lows, so hope it settles down tomorrow or I may yank it.