Itchy ominpod site

I have been using the omnipod pump for over a year and a half, been doing great, have real good control on the sugar numbers, and my A1C. but now, where the pod injects the little tube for th insulin, it gets real itching on the third day of use. I clean the injection site with a alcohol pad, so the site is clean, it just started doing this about a month ago. Any ideas?

You really shouldn’t wear a Pod (or any set) longer than 3 days if you don’t want to risk lipoatrophy/lipodystrophy.

That I know, they only go 3 days, all they are designed for.

I don’t require that much insulin, so my pods last for 3 days and 8 hours.

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Pods keep delivering insulin for over 36 hours (as long as they contain insulin).

As I got to looking at the itchy spot, it is not where the cannula goes in, rather it is from the adhesive, which is odd as I have had no problem whatsoever, so, I used the barrier, and all seems fine.

Which really makes me happy as I really do not wish to go back to the pen or even a different pump.

I’m glad you got it figured out. I think being allergic to pump cannulas is somewhat rare. I’m allergic to them, and it’s one reason I’ll probably never be able to use an OmniPod. Metal infusion sets work much better for me (though they still get itchy if I leave them in any longer than 48 hours, and I still have problems with adhesives making me itchy intermittently).