Itchy Site!

I have had my Dexcon 7plus for a few months now. One thing I am noticing is that after 4-5 days, the area where the tape is gets REALLY REALLY itchy and it takes all my willpower not to rip it out. Does anyone else have this problem and if so do you have any solutions? Thank you!

Use a skin-protective barrier wipe intended for this EXACTLY this purpose: Smith+Nephew’s “Skin-Prep”. (NOT the usual “I.V. Prep”, you’ll have to do an internet mail-order for this one.) It also helps the tape “stick” for longer.

If that doesn’t work, then you can put an plastic-film adhesive pad which DOESN’T drive your skin crazy underneath the entire Dexcom pad. You will have to cut or punch or hole for the actual wire insertion site before sticking it down, of course. I’d try both “Tegaderm” and “Opsite FlexiFix”, and then stick with whatever one works better.

But remember: I’m advising you to put one of these pads down first, underneath the Sensor. That’s backwards from the traditional usage, where you slap down your appliance first, and then use the Tegaderm or Flexifix to give it “extra help” afterwards.