It's 4 A.M

It’s 4 A.M.
Most if the world is asleep dreaming without a care in the world
But not me
I lie in a semi conscious state
Trying to wake myself up enough to test
I’m 30
I reach for the juice
My fingers shaking as I try to rip the plastic off the straw
Finally after much effort the straw breaks free
Suddenly the delicious tasting tangerine turns horribly unpleasant on my toung
I fight back the nausea as I slowly sip the second container
Thankful I don’t need a third
Then comes the dreaded 20 minute wait spent trying not to fall asleep
Finally I test
I’m 83
I eat 15g of carbs
Then after what felt like an eternity I lay my head down on the pillow and close my eyes

By: Anna Dunfey