Its a beautiful day in Norway, with diabetes the last thing on my mind

Good day beauties, I arrived in Oslo last night, ITS BEAUTIFUL. The people here are so welcoming, and there are parts here and there i remember from being a little girl. Traveling with the pump really wasn’t as hard as I thought, considering I brought a suitcase and back pack full of food and supplies… plane food wasn’t too good though, they gave me some kind of cracker that tasted like wet cardboard…

I shall report back about my trip soon, until then check out my blog for those of you interested in fashion or the arts!

ahh! the ice hotels i’ve heard about! sounds like a good plan danny, i’ll make a point to visit :slight_smile:

Bonjour Jill - If the Ice hotels are already melted in Norway - remember - here in Quebec we have our own Hotel de Glace (not open until next year - 2010 - usually oepns in January and stays up until April I think).