Vancouver, here we come!


Tomorrow early in the morning, we will be leaving for a family vacation to Vancouver, Canada. This will be our first trip since dx. The plane ride is about 6 and something hours from here, I hope they won’t give us a hard time with the supplies and I also want to bring some juice, just in case we sit on the runway for hours, and nobody serves anything. We have a letter from her endo, which also states that she needs the juice!!!

We are very excited, since Vancouver and its surroundings is supposed to be a beautiful. We are planing on going whale watching and also for a day trip to Whistler. The rest we will decide when we are there. Jen wants to be in the pool a lot, which brings up for me two issues: 1. of course the diabetes, how will her blood sugar react, and 2. her hair. I am not to good with hair period, she used to have boxed braids, which made the whole pool experience very easy, but since she is in the show, she has to wear her hair natural, and here is getting her hair wet, a whole different story - but, I’m sure we will manage somehow!


You are in for a blast! Vancouver rocks. Here is a 4-part review I wrote last year, after our visit in October:

Tip: you may want to contact the people in the Canada group (if you haven’t already) - perhaps you can meet with some of them -post pictures in here if you do!! :slight_smile:


I love Vancouver, there’s lots of shopping and this place is real fun Have fun!


I am soooooo jealous!!! Please post some pictures when you get back!! Have a great time!

P.S. Good luck with the hair!


I was wondering if the airline gave you a hard time about bringing the juice on the plane? Did that all go well? Sounds like an awesome vacation! :slight_smile: