It's been a while

It has been a while since my last post. I’ve been around reading some of the discussions and also reading some of your blogs (here at tudiabetes and on personal webpages). I just find myself in a slump that I’m trying hard to get out of. The summer months flew by and I found myself not prepared to go back to work (I’m a teacher). I will try my best to stay current because in the end - you all have helped me get through my days. Some of the highlighs since my last post are…

  1. Went to the “Quilt for Life” display in Washington DC. It was emotional seeing close to 700 quilts that all represent children with type 1 diabetes. I made a video about it that I hope to post soon. It’s the first video that I made using the computer. It made my mother in law cry! I didn’t mean to do that, but I hope it make a powerful statement and raise awareness for a cure! I did have a little scare. Olivia was feeling sick and threw up and I checked her for ketones and sure enough she was spilling small ketones. I pumped her up with water and increased her insulin (made a call to Pittsburgh Childrens) and then she started to feel better. Checked her all through the night and no Ketones.

  2. My family and I went on vacation to Topsail (North Carolina Island). It was great. Olivia learned how to hold her breath under water and was a riot. She was our little fish!! I will post an underwater photo of her. Her numbers were pretty good during vacation. We had to lower her long acting insulin because of all her activity running her low, but overall it was a great time. Also I will post the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen before! Talk about a bolus!

  3. Went to Olivia’s preschool and trained all the teachers and staff about her diabetes care. We feel confident in them but it does help that she only goes on Mondays and Weds for 2 and 1/2 hours and they will not have to give any injections because she starts school after lunch. They will have to check her blood sugar once while she is there. It also helps that my in laws only live a couple of minutes away! Her teacher also said that she read the pink panther “Understand Diabetes” from cover to cover, so that tells me that she is a caring person. On Wed she is going to read the book “Rufus goes to school” so the children understand a little more about diabetes and why Olivia needs her blood sugar checked, etc.

  4. I went back to work and I think I cried the whole way there. I wasn’t ready to go back. I think Olivia went through a growth sput this summer and her numbers were crazy. There was no rhyme or reason to her numbers. She was just all over the place. I think all the stress and frustration just all of a sudden came crashing down on me! I went to work (the first day was only a day of work for teachers) and all my fellow teachers asked me how my summer was and asked how Olivia was and I just broke down. Crying like baby - which I don’t think they were ready for, but they were supportive and a quick trip to the restroom to control my emotions and I was back on track. I think now they are afraid to ask me about anything. Did I scare them away? Didn’t mean too, but like I said all the emotions overwhelmed me at that moment. I think also leaving Olivia with another person (other than family) is scary. I’m a mother and I will always worry!

  5. Big sister Gwen started Soccer this season and it’s fun watching her games. She has improved since last year and she is doing a great job playing for her team. “Go, Blue”.

To everyone who has sent me an email this past month - thank you and I hope all is well with all of you. I hope to email all of you soon. I’m almost out of my hole!! (I can see the light - Hee Hee)

Take Care,

Olivia has an amazing mom!!!

Thanks for updating us! Hang in there… I hope that Olivia will do very well at her new school!