It's been such a long time

why yes, i did just referance a boston song.

i realize i’ve been pretty inactive on the site lately, but i do have a good excuse. i’ve been playing lotro like they’re about to take it offline. as far as i know they’re not so i really have no excuse at all. it’s just so fun, especailly if you really enjoy mmo games and lotr…and if you turn off gen chat. but i’m not going to spend the time that i’m not playing to go on and on about the game. i could, but i won’t. there’s a fair few other things that i can touch on instead.

my blood sugars have gone through the roof or at least took a taxi to the airport and got on a plane that has yet to land. i blame a few factors, inculding myself for this trend. i’ve gone into a bit of a carb binge. it all started with a neon sign that seems to call my future mother-in-law to it like a moth to the flame. “hot donuts now” is aparently a beacon call to suburban housewves driving past. so she got two dozon doughnuts. i ate more than a diabetics fair share of them. then there was the grocery factor. everything in the pantry was made to sustain us through a nuclear fallout (read- processed and filled with empty carb filled calories) and i sometimes wonder if she knows that veggies that aren’t made entirely from starches do infact exist as more than a burger topping. more on the diet issue in a moment though…on to the next factor. i think my tubing is not trying to be all that it can be. must have just squeeked by during boot camp. it’s not my normal tubing (43" rather than my usual 23") so it may be part of the problem. i have to change sets today, so i’ll use my normal set and see what happens. why, do you ask, am i using a different infusion set? all questions will be answered in time.

detouring back to the diet issue. i’m taking things back into my own hands. besides the blood sugar effect (and perhaps in part because of it) i’ve accquired a bit of extra padding to protect my muscles and to help make more money for jean manufacturers everywhere. basically i’ve bulked up (like in the britney spears custody battle way, not the powerlifter training for competition way) and need to slim down while staying healthy. so i’m going to some old standbys to try and get there. it has worked in the past, but i wonderr if with my extra insulin usage if it will give me the same results. are you ready for it? walk until a wear a hole into the bottoms of my shoes and eat my boring, repetative meals of low carb, higher protein blandness. i never said it was fun or innovative. i just said it has worked for me before.

the next stop on our tour of things you may have missed while i was away is the beyond the call of duty actions of a woman who works at liberty medical. i had called in to order a new box of infusion supplies (ooh, does this connect to the usual length of tubing i’m using? it just might) and found out that medicare would not let it go out until the end of the month. i put on my pouting face (as if it would help over the phone) and said that i wouldn’t have enough to cover me through until the box came and asked if there was anything i could do about it. Jennifer (for a do believe this was her name) asked me a few questions about my use of the infusion sets. after confirming that i do only change them at the required times but have had to use a few extra on occasion when there’s a problem with the one i have she told me that medicare doesn’t seem to be very forgiving of mistakes (i’m sure i’ll rant about medicare again some time in the future) seeing as there’s a no exception kind of deal with them in regards to supplies. Jennifer did, however, ask me to stay on the line while she talked to her supervisor. she came back and informed me that she could get a rep from minimed to send out a few sample sets for me to use so i couldn’t have to shell out cash to buy an entire box of both the tubing and the resivoirs. they only had the 43" tubing for the quickset, but i feel no need to look a gifthorse in the mouth and happily accepted any help i could recieve. and that is my story about liberty and the extra long infusion sets.

and finally…halloween with minimed. the other day i noticed a new and exciting feature on my insulin pump. a long, wavy scratch on the screen. mind you, the pump works fine and the scratch doesn’t hinder my ability to read the screen. it’s just annoying to see on my relativly new pump. so i called them up to ask if there was a way to get the scratch out. apparently the best way to do it is by sending out a replacement pump. i kind of wanted to laugh and ask them if they realized that the pump itself is fine, but then we’d just go back to that gifthorse i mentioned earlier. so i get the new one on tuesday and when it’s time to change out sets i’ll send back the old one. a friend of mine’s father has type 1 as well and uses a minimed pump. i had to call her and ask if this was standard protocal for the company. it is. her dad’s battery cap was a bit loose and he called them up to see if he could get a new cap for it. they replaced the whole pump, and have repeated the process a few times now for various other reasons. so this year i’m going trick or treating at the medtronic building. after all, they’re handing these things out like candy…or like the anti-candy