Moving along....Sept 8 2010

Guess I'm not good at this. A lot has happened to me since my last entry.

In Oct of 2008 I went though my insurance company and was approved for an insulin pump. I got an Animus Ping...I love it! I started out using didn't work so well and was switched to Novalog...that works great for me...but I was using about 200 units in 32 hours. My numbers were just OK not great.

On Dec 6th, 2008 I was returning home from a trip to see my wife's father in Chattanooga. We had stopped for a late lunch and my employer services were no longer needed...I was laid off. I worked for them for 18 yrs 11 months almost to the day. That meant nothing to them. Half of our staff of about 50 was let go within 20 minutes of my phone call. Add insult to injury...if any of the remaining employees even talked to those of us who were laid off...they would be let go too. Since it was a church no one got unemployment. My wife helped me fill out the forms for social security disability retirement. It came through in June so I am now officially retired.

My weight has been going up for the last 20 yrs. I think mostly due to the meds I take and have taken. All the NSAIDs have weight gain as a side affect. I was in 5-6 drug trials too including Vioxx (and had an unexplained cardiac event). Add to that the Actos and I ballooned. Dec 11, 2009 I had lap band surgery. I was around 420 lbs before I started this journey. Yesterday I was weighed and I'm at 362....a total of 58 lbs gone! On Dec 18th I had to remove my pump. My BG was too low. As of now I only take Riomet for my diabetes. My A1C was at 7.2 a month ago. My morning numbers have all been in the low 120's...not bad for someone with morning syndrome that used to be around 180 in the morning.

That's my current story and I'm sticking to it. Leave a comment and the coffee is on me! Anyone in Las Vegas this month?

58 lbs is quite an achievement. Congrats!

Happy Birthday John.
I joined TuDiabetes long after you wrote this blog. Sounds like you have had some rough times followed by success! How are you doing now?