Its hard

its hard for me to keep my sugar normal. my insides are all mest up. its depressing

so sorry for your troubles. take it one reading at a a time and track your readings, food, and exercise and see if you can figure out a pattern. it stinks but you can control this but it takes a little time a lot of patience. please take care

I’m sorry you are having a bad time. Are your Bgs bad all the time or just after meals?

It can be very hard, but it can get easier. You just have to take it day by day. Educate yourself as much as possible. Trial and error…you will do better if you don’t give up. We are here to help. xo

Kristyna, hang in there. Like Robyn says, educate as much as possible. I would like to have you come over or we visit you to see all that is available to you. I want this to be not so frightening to you. Call Raquel and we can set something up.

Love you, girlie.