It's my Birthday TODAY! :)

I have to admit that I’ve never been one of those people to look back, very much, on my life. It’s not that I don’t wish I could redo some things (I think we all do – though we always tend to claim we don’t regret a single moment), or that I don’t wish I could learn from some past lessons… It’s that, believe it or not, I’m more of a forward thinking kind of person. I love thinking about the today, and the possibility of the tomorrow. They are like frail vessels of clay under the guide of the spinner’s hands, waiting to take shape into something new. Something special. Something of the spinner’s OWN doing.

But... Life with Diabetes is a little different, isn't it? Every year with Diabetes, is like a New Year's Celebration. One cannot help but to look back on one's life, and see how far one has gone in one's battle. And what can I say about last year? Well... Maybe I'll use some pictures to try to remember.

I've gone from this...

To This:

From This:

To This:

From This:

To This:

And from This:

To This...

What a ride, huh??? I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING in the world... Well... except for a new pancreas. ;) It is my birthday, today... And truly, in more ways than one! :) Happy Diabetes Awareness Month! :) Love you, peeps!

Happy birthday!!! I love your new picture. You look truly happy.

A lot of changes in your life, all good ones. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

Happy B- Day Liz! You look so young and thin in your new photo! :slight_smile:

I know exactly how you feel. I am sort of sentimental person. I love to look back at the past fun times or find things that remind me of “such and such.” Things that make me feel a bittersweet sort of sentimentalness. You know “it is so good or happy that you cry”. :slight_smile: Especially easy to do when your present isn’t that great you know? :slight_smile:

Most of the major decisions/experiences of my life I don’t regret - although not all of them ended well or lead me to the right places. Some of them I honestly I wish I had a time machine to go back and stop myself. You know those “Duh” moments or those ones that lead to a whole string of bad things happening. You could kick yourself.

I love to plan things for the future and have goals too which I guess is good for this disease. As long as I am the only person who can control the outcome, I do great with the future and my goals and think “Ah ha!” look at me go! But if my future depends on decisions from others that I can’t than I tend to not want to think about it or the present and would rather look at my past. (like getting a job right now - I feel like I am powerless and have to wait until the economy gets better - we keep trying of course but I feel like I have zero control over that right now)

How time flies though - I can’t believe I almost 9 months in with this thing. It feels like just yesterday I was scared to death and crying my eyes over this (on my D-versy next year, I should go back and read my first posts - I am sure I would think me a big chicken! LOL!) . Funny how that this is one of the least of my worries now - 9 months ago it was everything. Maybe I am just one of those persons who adjusts really quickly? (ha! What choice did we have right?)

Happy birthday! Hope it’s been great with more fun to follow.

Love the before & after pics, especially the one of you.

Happy Birthday !! Hope the year will be a good one for you.

Happy Birthday! You look wonderful!
I wish you all the best.

happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Lizmari! Hopefully you had a Great Day. Best Wishes in your future years.

Well , November people are very special , powerful people …my Hubby is a Scorpion …congrats !!, …not to worry about catching up yet …he celebrated his 80 th , Nov. 7

Happy birthday!

Thanks guys!!! Appreciate the well wishes… :slight_smile: And I hope this post made you laugh at least a little bit. :wink:

Sorry I missed this yesterday but I want you to know that at 11:00 AM yesterday morning, everyone in Canada stopped what they were doing and stood for 2 minutes of silence - JUST for YOU! (and a few million fallen soldiers - but mostly you)

hahahaha bikette… :)))) I have great respect and awe for the soldiers. :slight_smile: But I DO joke around like this, with my husband… that it’s a day off for ME, and I am so great, they’re also gonna honor the soldiers. LOL hehe :slight_smile:

My birthday often lands on Thanksgiving (Canada), so I’m pretty sure people are saying Grace around the turkey dinner with thanks that I’m not related to them! My Dad was born on Labour Day (which is what his mama happened to be doing that day). My mother was born on New Year’s Eve so every January first, I used to call her up and congratulate her on yet ANOTHER year - i.e. she’ll turn 90 on Dec. 31, so I should call her Jan. 1 and wish her happy 91! Well, if you do that math! At least the whole world gets drunk on HER day! Even my only brother seems to have landed on an appropriate birth day… Beware the Ides of March! It is great to get a day off on Your Day, but unfortunately where I live, we still work on Nov. 11. I think it’s probably better this way because all the work places allow for that period of silence and most schools have Remembrance Day Assembly. If we had the day off, I’m pretty sure I would Squander it like I do every other holiday! But it’s great for you to have the day off along with all the parades and pipe bands in your honour! Congrats LizMari - and I think I’m finally getting used to your new ‘title’. The winds of change move slowly in cooler climes. :slight_smile:

Yeah, out here, no days off for Nov 11, unless it’s Federal Govt job… In Puerto Rico, though, schools have the day off. :slight_smile: And I don’t think we ever had a moment of silence at any of the jobs I’ve held. Pretty sad, imo.

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:

wow!!! and happy b-day!!!

very well spoken . cute happy b-day!!!

Happy Belated Birthday…You should be very proud of yourself…just amazing. Hope you had a good day. I am happy to hear things are better in your life, and you look “marvelous my dear”!!