My day to brag!

Hey Guys it's me again. Just can't let this day pass without saying today is my dannaversery it's 39 years today! It's also my daughters 24th b-day so it's 2 things in one around here! Just had to brag on myself living with D for 39 years and my daughter celebrating her 24th b-day today. I ALWAYS feel so lucky on this day! To have a 24 year old and to have been around this long with D!Nexy year on this day I will be bragging it's my 40th year and my daughter's 25th b-day! LOL!

You go girl and congratulations! I wish you many many more healthy d-anniversaries to come :) (Unless they find a cure soon, of course...wink )

Thanks Teena! I hope there will be a cure soon!

Obviously you will have to make a huge celebration next year, start planning now :) Congratulations Doris!!

Yes....the big 4-oh for you next year....and your daughter will be a quarter of a century!!! BUT....nor now, let me just say...BRAVO!!!!

Thanks Maycri! I will start planning.

Yes Linda she will be a qua LOL! quarter of a centry old next year! Thanks so much Linda!

Great Doris! My 39th won't be 'til next March, but we are still on the same wavelength.
And I also think you have the right to brag about the fact that you are a dear sweet lady and a most valued friend to many here on TD.
We love you!!!!

Thanks Kathy!!! Be sure to brag urself! U deserve too!

Congratulations Doris!!

Congrats! I was diagnosed in 1974, so it's been 38 years for me. I was only 3 years old, and I don't know my exact diagnosis date.

For those with 25+ years of diabetes, did you receive any acknowledgment of the milestone? I know some people do, but not sure through who. At 50 years, you'll get a plaque and a gift of some kind.

Keep on bragging kiddo reason not to !

Thanks Guys!

No Chris I didn't didn't ask for 1 but I know there out there

Yes U will Phil u knko I can'tleave u alone! LOL!

Nope Nel not gonna quit now!

Not going to wait a year to congratulate you -- today is important! Congratulations!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! yOU have every reason to brag.

At Chris, I just received my "certificate of achievement" from the Joslin Diabetes Center for 25 years of "living courageously with diabetes". You have to apply for it and provide some documentation of your date of diagnosis and start of insulin use. It was signed by the president and CEO of the Joslin but it was done by a computer which kind of pisses me off, but I digress, for your 50 year milestone they give you a medal and a free trip to Boston to be studied. There are a few medalists here, Richard is one, and I can't remember the others. I was diagnosed a year after you in 1975 and 2 after Doris - congratulations !


Sorry Doris, I've been away for a bit, so I missed this blog.

Sweet Congrats to you on your 39th D-Anniversary. That's a lonnng time Hon. I'm Happy that you and your Family are all doing well. Keep that up. See you at your 40th and 50th. :)