It's Not A Cell Phone!

Ever had to deal with uninformed security guards? New post here.

Don’t we have fun? I’m sure glad I’m LADA ;I’d hate to think I was missing out on the good times.

So far I haven’t had a problem with the Keystone Cops.

I love airport security. I’ve had to disconnect my pump and take out the reservoir for them a few times. One actually had the balls to tell me I couldn’t take it on the plane, I had to check it. I informed this numbnuts I’d be dead on the plane before it landed, not to mention my insulin would probably freeze in a “checked bag.” He was close to asking me to step aside when the supervisor came over. Thankfully she had more brains than this moron at security. Its unreal what we have to deal with while travelling.

Before the day of my flight ,I get my clearnce for my diabetic supplies. It makes life simpler .

Line from Six Sense : I see dead people .They are every where . They don’t know they are dead.

Line from No Sense (the movie that should have been made): I see stupid people . They’re every where. They don’t know they are stupid.

I totally agree, Joe. The ignorance of people really amazes me.

Cara, I would have freaked out if airport security told me I had to check my insulin pump. Fortunately, I’ve never had a problem with them - not even in other countries (in fact, they seem to be more informed about diabetes than in the US).