Its Official

So they say I’m pregnant. I’m waiting on the blood test/ultrasound to find out how long… but I’m thinking it is VERY early. Perhaps 3 weeks or so. I feel like I keep getting reminded that because I have diabetes, I am at higher risk of miscarriage. It really has me freaked out and trying not to get too attached to my little bean. Any thoughts or advice?

Go ahead and get attached every thing will work out fine, true we are at higher risk for miscarriage but doesn’t mean it will happen, there are plenty of diabetics who have had Great pregnancies, I’ve been type 1 for 19 years and I’m now 15 weeks preganant and everything is going Great Don’t let being diabetic take over the excitement of being pregnant … keep your head up, eat right, keep your sugars in control and everything will be fine…Good luck!

I got pregnant totally unplanned after being told I couldn’t get pregnant. Turns out I was 7 months along before I found out I was pregnant and my daughter was born a few weeks later so I had no prenatal care and she turned out fine. So everything will be just fine for you and your little bean.

i am 30weeks and counting down, it was not planned and my sugars werent in the best control, i just moved back home and didnt even have an endo yet, so get attached, id have to admit though the same thoughts ran through my mind, what if id lose her.
but as long as you keep all your apt’s and get your sugars as close to 4-7mmol as possible, your baby will have the same out come as any other pregnant woman out there.
that being said misscarrage rates are 20% in all women, with or without health problems, and most of these are without the knowledge that they are pregnant.
after you hit your 20th week (which will come really fast) that drops down to 3%, thats when i started really celebrating pregnancy.
just take care of yourself really well, your baby will be absolutly fine. :slight_smile:

I hate that they try and give you the “doom report.” My boss was 40 when she got pregnant, and she couldn’t get away from “all of the things that could go wrong because you’re an older mother.” She swears that, after they ran tests for things like Down syndrome, the specialist who gave her and her baby a clean bill of health sounded almost let down that everything was fine.

Get as attached as you would if you had the exact same statistical chance as any other woman, and simply take all you’re hearing as an explanation for why you’re currently taking extra good care of yourself. Any woman can have a miscarriage… all any woman can do is give your baby his/her very best shot.

I am 12 weeks pregnant today and I found out I was pregnant right around 4 weeks or so, so they were unable to see anything at that time. But I wanted to get in as soon as I saw the four positive pregnancy tests (one being digital). I have since taken control of my diabetes and keeping my sugars in better control than I have since I first got diagnosed in the fourth grade. My A1C went from an 8.2 to a 7.2 in two months. Believe me, everything'll come together and you will do fine. I am constantly nervous about being "Diabetic and Pregnant".. But good luck, and believe in yourself :)