It's Official!

As of today at 11am I am connected to the OmniPod! My trainer Lisa is great…it took about 2 hours. So far its working smoothly! 5 hours and counting! Thank you all for your support and suggestions!

Am happy for you, keep us posted, am sure you will love it.

Take care and Congrats

A Deltec Cozmo user :o(

Thanks Ahmad! I feel more confident about choosing the OmniPod as each hour passes! I upgraded from the Cozmo!

congrats! =] hope everything goes well!

Congrats and good luck!

your going to do great

Thank you again for the support everyone! I’m thinking I may need to get a hold of Lisa. I have had several lows, one late yesterday(67) and one this morning(59 after breakfast…about 2hrs.) My target is 120…but my i/c is 1/6grams, last time I was on a pump it was 1/10grams. Otherwise everything is great! This PDM has serious brain power! Loving it!(except for the lows!)

Welcome!!! This was the best decision I ever made for my diabetes. In less than 30 days on the Pod I dropped my HA1c from 8.4 to 7.5. The endo is still tweaking the settings for basal rate but I love this device…I am trying it on the back of my arm this morning.

Hey Marty! Great on the HA1c! I started out on the back of my arm. Went well, only bumped once or twice, but did not knock off. Currently using my abdomen. I think I am adjusting to it now. My bgs are more in range yesterday and today. I’m still going to get a hold of the trainer. I have changed twice already and I thought this would last for 3 days. Good luck on the arm!

Hey Marcia, join our group here

Tony, I joined the group, Omni Podders- when I first found TuDiabetes…Reading the dicussions there helped me make my decision on using the OmniPod. It has been one week and two days of pumping insulin. I still need some tweaking, but each day gets easier and better. I have a referral to see a CDE…now I just have to find one in this little town I am living in. Any suggestions anyone? Lisa my trainer said I need to learn carb counting…I have been using the exchange diet.