Starting Omnipod today!

Hey everyone!
Just starting the omnipod experience today- and also 6 weeks 3 days pregnant! Whew!

I had been on the minimed (1998-2002) and the Deltec Cozmo (2003-2005) so I’m used to the whole pump therapy thought in general…just need those little details the Dr. won’t give me today.
Tricks? Tips?

Excited and nervous all at the same time!

Thanks everyone for your support from this group-- I will remain firmly planted on this site for hours…lol

I posted a note to Schmutz in his discussion called Do’s, Don’ts, and any other tips! that had a couple links to good discussions.
I think just reading back through some of the more recent discussion posts would be very beneficial (there’s a LOT of good info here from everyone). Congrats on podding! Congrats on the pregnancy as well!

I never had any other kind of pump so I’m an original OmniPod user and I love it. Go to the info Bradford suggested and you’ll learn everything you need to know.
Good luck and keep us posted. I LOVE MY POD!!! :slight_smile:

Good luck, it’s been a life-changer for my son!!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and the Pod! My daughter loves her pod and we’ve definitely gotten a lot of help from other Omnipod users. It’s really been great for her.

We use mastisol and extra hypafix tape to help the pod stay on - but she is only 5 and is probably rolling around on the floor more often than you! :slight_smile:

We use baby oil to remove the pods and put neosporin on after removing one. We tried using the Bard and unisolve removers but they were too harsh on her skin.

I hope this isn’t taboo to mention, but we also frequent to the website and have gotten many tips and tricks there.

Be careful with the IOB - it only calculates IOB for blood sugar corrections and not for food boluses. I may have just repeated things Bradford has in his link because i just noticed his post now that I’m finishing up.

Best of luck!


thanks Emily! I appreciate any tips at all! :slight_smile:

Hi Megan…Congrats x 2!! I tried to copy and paste the links that Bradford posted but if you to the link he listed you find his post and it will take to some good comments and tips. So, hope your first day went well with the podd. I’m starting in 15 days so I’ll be right behind you. Would love to hear how it’s going? I’ve never been on a pump before so I’m probably more nervous than you but I’d like to keep in touch and compare notes. You obliviously have some great things to look forward to and wishing you the best.

That’s so cool, Megan. I was on Minimed pumps (2000-2008) and then a Cozmo (July '08-May '09) and have been on the Omnipod since May of '09. Very similar history. And I just had my baby (and a fabulous pregnancy). Isn’t it amazing to find people who can actually have these things IN COMMON with you?

My biggest tip is to make sure you have a back-up plan during your third trimester on the pod. Your insulin needs are going to skyrocket because of placental growth hormone some time after week 20. I was burning up 1 pod every 30 hours. Since you can’t refill the reservoir like you could on your other pumps, you’re burning through supplies like a madwoman. I ended up switching back to my Cozmo for weeks 32-38 and switched back to the pod on delivery day. So hunt for suggestions about how to make the pods last (like doing boluses via injections so your pods actually last 3 days!).

Also, be wary of abdominal sites once your belly starts to get tight. They can itch a bit because your skin is stretching. I really liked that maternity pants gave me more back and waistline real estate because they didn’t have a tight waistline. I could wear the pods in places I couldn’t in my non-maternity clothing. I tried to take advantage of sites I wouldn’t want to use later. Once the baby/toddler is holding on to your arms or sitting on your hips, you’re going to want to use other areas for your pods so they don’t get ripped/knocked off. So enjoy those areas now. :slight_smile:

I could go on and on, but my daughter is starting to stir in my lap from her nap and my right leg is numb from the way I’m sitting. :slight_smile: LOL And I’m typing one-handed.

It is nice to know that someone is out there, quite close to me, and I’m not the first doing this :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the thoughts-- I REALLY appreciate them. Yes, running through my pod every 2.5 days already~! ECK…will have to figure out what to do later on. At least one pod change a day would be better then 10-12 shots!

Thanks for posting and take care of that precious little girl! :slight_smile:

I go thru a pod every 2-21/2 days, but it so much easier than trying to always figure out my doses with pen and paper. Love the pod…so much freedom and tubeless too. Megan, get your script for a change every 2 days. and enjoy, and congratulations.

Make sure you get a new prescription stating 1 pod per day and submit it to Insulet asap. I got mine changed to 2 per day, but it was too little, too late. By the time I submitted it, my insurance said it was too early to reorder and my next shipment was set to go out three weeks after I delivered. The best Insulet could do was send me a box of 10 pods - which didn’t hold me.