It's very hard to be perfect..... aren't you agree?

i have diabetes since 1998, when i was 14… my doctor told me that “diabetes is not a problem if you can manage you blood sugar”… then he recommend me to take a medical school later and be a doctor… so i can understand everything about diabetes…
now, i almost graduate from my medicine school for the GP’s degree and i’m very enthusiastic to learn anything about diabetes… but after all… i still have my blood sugar rising sometimes… and i fell that all knowledge that i know about managing diabetes is not enough to take care my blood sugar… ugh… it’s very hard to be dicipline even that i know exactly the complication i will deal later…

congrats on medical school! I took two quarters of Indonesian in college, i can only really say a few things but my most used phrase was "ma’afkan bu, saya terlambat! (sorry about the spelling haha it’s been a while) :wink:

Hello Firas: :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your choice of study. Doctors are Very much needed.

"my doctor told me that “diabetes is not a problem if you can manage you blood sugar.”

This is usually true what your Doctor told you. I agree, Most people do not have Perfect numbers unless they are constantly just focused on their blood sugar and tweaking, which most People do not have the time or interest to do. Diabetes is a complicated disease and our blood sugars are affected by so many things in Life.
Just when you think you have it all “Perfect” something like the hot humid weather, other meds., etc. will put your sugars up or down. But you don’t have to be Perfect as long as you stay as close as you can to normal numbers, most of the time. Good Luck and Success with your career. Lovely photos. :slight_smile:

Test more, correct high blood sugars safely with proper timing and a correction factor, and test again! I find if I am testing 6-8 times a day, my blood sugars improve compared to when I test only 2-4 times a day. I got my A1c down from 8.7% in November to 7% in March to 6.3% today! Only write everything down when you need to before you go to your appointment, or you’ll go crazy! =) Good luck!

Of course it is not necessary to be perfect, just good most of the time!

I’ve been told that onewill never be able to have perfect numbers all the time. There’s just to much stuff happening in your body, and even when you know about it you can’t change it. So don’t be too hard with yourself and spare some of the worrying-time to enjoy your life.

I guess in order to be a doctor you have to have the thought of perfection in your mind and it carries over to other parts of your life. So i do I agree with you, it is very hard to be perfect. I always picture diabetes as a juggling act with too many balls in the air. Eventually some will fall and you have to start the juggling act all over again.

thaks for comments guys… it such a great thing to have all of you to share with…
@ Ryan : the “maafkan bu, saya terlambat…” is a very often phrase you can hear when you arrange a meeting with indonesian people… it means “sorry, i’m late!!” haha… nice words…