Stressed out

Right now I am feeling quite stressed out and my blood sugars as reflecting that. I am going into my last week for my first term of school (my semesters are only 10 weeks). I am about 3 weeks behind and I am doing my best to catch up so I can finish with the rest of my class. I have been granted an incomplete by both of my instructors so that gives me 2 extra weeks after the term ends to complete the work, but I would rather complete it on time with everyone else. I feel like I am a failure at school because I have had to take this extra time. I just can’t seem to drop my perfectionist attitude when it comes to school. I have to get all A’s and I have to keep caught up with the class. because of this attitude I put a lot of pressure on myself to excel. This attitude also rubs off on my diabetic care. I pretty much expect my blood sugar to be between 80-100 at all times even after meals. I know this isn’t alway possible and things happen that I will never be able to explain when my sugar goes high, other times I know what causes it. For some reason I just can’t seem to let it go. I try to be upbeat about life as much as possible, but sometimes it just gets me down and I feel like giving up. I rarely let that side of me show to anyone, not even my doctor. I know the times he has seen me down he has said he is concerned as he never sees me anything but upbeat and fighting. Sometimes it is so hard on those days to even care about my diabetic care, but I always do manage to keep my sugars in as tight control as possible. Anyone have any advice on how to help me with the perfectionist attitude?

Put your beautiful nephew’s photo inside your books while studying,he will lift your spirits and bring BG back to normal if dare to rise.Best of luck Cody.

I think the highs with a known cause are worse than the ones without. Because I feel dumb, like Duh! I should’ve avoided that. But the random ones are a huge blow too. Maybe you should look at tight control the same way teachers grade papers, if your in range 90% of the time, you’ve got an A.
Good luck with school!

Cody…lol I am with you and I understand I am the same way…You have to hit yourself…j/p and stop trying to be perfect no such thing

hi, Cody! I hope today is a better day for you! I know I’m not the only one here who is inspired by you! You’re doing a great job. Take three really deep breaths in a row. Take a walk for 20 minutes. Have some nice tea. I’ll be thinking of you with lots of positive vibes today!