I've beed bad!

Had pasta for dinner today at 7pm, it’s now about 10.20pm here and oops, I’m at about 130! I hit 151 for a while too… Not good! Guess I had too much pasta…

If I ate pasta, I’d be well over 130 & 151!

I would be right up there with ya Gerri!! I cannot eat carbs at dinner anymore…I go through the roof, and then have a hypo around 4am from all the darn insulin I would have to take. So, I very rarely have anything for dinner or just veggies and lean protein. Ahhhhh dreaming of a huge bowl of chicken fettuccine and french bread…drooling. :slight_smile:

Potatoes can send me higher than that… But seeing that I’m officially non diabetic… Sometimes fasting readings and HbA1c can’t say everything. But my doctor hasn’t done OGTT on me- yet…

Funny how all carbs aren’t equal. Fasting sure doesn’t tell the whole story, esp for T2s, but your A1c should tell you a lot. You’re a good girl to be testing & watching what you eat without an “official” diagnosis.

As for Robyn, stop that right now:) Fettucine & French bread–oh yum! That would be my poison of choice, too. Gimme loaves of crusty bread & bowls of pasta. I don’t care if I never eat another potato.

My fasting levels are always within normal range. If I remember it right, the highest I’ve seen on my own meter for fasting is 97-100 something. But ONE potato can send me up to 180 within one hour and still have me at over 160 at the 2h mark. Guess those things doesn’t show up on HbA1c’s because I’m back down to normal levels within a few hours so there might not be enough time in the highs. I don’t know… But I’m keeping an eye on it because I do feel crap when being around 150-160 or higher :frowning:

The highs do show up on A1cs. Did you have an A1c test? Part of the problem is that doctors wait until A1cs are too high before doing anything.

Had a burrito last night and my BG was 225. S0 151 sounds pretty good to me.

I love pasta…pasta does not love me back =( My 1 hour to 2 hours bg level will range from 130 o 140. A 20-30 minutes brisk walk after normalize it. If I don’t…(I’m not on insulin) It will take another 2 -3 hours before it goes down.

I was still at 120 around 2am and that was roughly about 7h after dinner! At 11pm I was at 129 and that was 4h after dinner. I’m so going to be more careful with pasta! It sticks around for a long time :open_mouth:

With pasta I hit 180 to 200 with potates I hit 220 to 250.

Wow - I call it a success if I’m only at 130 3 hours after eating pasta. That stuff is tricky.

124 now, 2 hours after lunch, and that is WITH exercise in form of walking through nearly ankle deep snow in almost storm wind- in my face :S

How come everything that is sooooooooo good, is soooooooooo bad for us?? lol

OMG! I’m currently at 68! 3 hours after lunch I was at 126… Something is definitely not right…

Up to 97 a while ago and now back down to 74… Feeling a bit lightheaded, almost nauseous and very warm :S

I don’t use the term “bad diabetic,” ever. I prefer the term “Carbolically Challenged!”

I just know too well I should be careful with especially potatoes but also pasta, because it can send me up to levels I shouldn’t be able to reach if everything was totally normal. And when I’m up there, I can’t do anything to make my blood sugar go down! Today I was stupid enough to have potatoes at lunch, and even with exercise my level was at 126 a massive 3 hours after eating :S

I need the carbs, especially for dinner. I hit between 130 and 180 30 minutes after eating. The only reason I check that soon is because I go ride a bike. In 20 minutes that I am on the bike I am down to 75. That is normal but if I dont get more carbs then I am tanking before I even make it back home. I do have a combination of protein and carbs for dinner but those combinations still dont seem to work. I am trying to fix this one and since I am on meds there is no way to predict what will happen with what I eat.

I am confused though with your numbers. I found this chart out from an MD site and according to them 130 2 hours after meals seems to be an ok number. does your doc recommend even lower numbers? If I am at 100 after eating I cant work out because I will tank.


On waking up (before breakfast) 80 to 120
Before meals 80 to 120
2 hours after meals 160 or less
At bedtime 100 to 140


If you ate more protein, fewer carbs & waited a bit to bike, would this help keep you more level? Wonderful that exercise can get you down that quickly.

Most med sites list numbers that are too high because over 140 causes damage.