It is true, I have been off my pills now for a week and my BS is holding steady between 90 and 115. I am eating a very low carb diet and my blood numbers are all excellent even cholesteral numbers. It can be done if you are type 2. Go on a low carb diet and get your BS under control and it CAN BE DONE!!! I was diagnosed May 9,2009. I kicked my pills as of September 7, 2009.

Great job! Keep it up…

Welcome to the no pills club!
Doesn’t it feel GREAT!?

Congrats Steve. Didn’t work for me but I’m really glad it worked for you.


congrats on the accomplishment. I manage to stay off of pills and insulin for about 3 years. Always look forward but look back to keep up the progress on how you got there. Its a balancing act. I kept my last bottle of insulin in the fridge for three years so that I would never forget the amount of work it took to not use pills or insulin. I would not let my wife get rid of it. I logged every meal that I ate during that time so I could come back in case i needed info on how to stay within range.

One thing that I learn to stay off is to always test even when you are not on pills. Test regularly so any changes wont sneak up on you. I figured out what meals keep me in a good range and what I need to stay off of. Also learned that excercise seemed to be the best medicine for burning up highs quickly. Now I can go from 160 after lunch to 100 within 30 minutes with a simple 30 minute walk.

Once again congrats on the accomplishment

How many carbs do you do a meal?


I eat almost no carbs. about the only carbs I get are naturally occuring in vegetables or fruits like avacados or peanuts. Oh…Occasionally, I my have a few crutons on a salad but very very few. I eat less than 15 grams. My original diagnosis had me at a bs of 267 and now I am mostly between 90 and 115.

Good work Steve! Happy for you. Im workng towards that goal too. So far, I have had “tiny” successes". From 500 mg metformin 2x a day plus glimiperide 2mg. Now Im just taking 500 mg metformin once daily. Attributed to diet, healthy living, and exercise. Maybe in the near future??? Hopefully :slight_smile:

The key for success for me was, not exercise as much as it was going low, almost no carbs in my diet. It can be done.


As young as you are and if you are not overweight, you may want to check and see if your diabetes is not LADA. You are around the age when traditional type 1 shows up. I sincerely hope I my guess is wrong in your case.