I've gained 7lbs in 5 months

Tuesday I went to the Endo and I had a lovely visit with Wesley. I was a little jealous because he was able to hook his Onmipod pathfinder software up and it actually worked. The software isn’t that bad; if you can get to work. I was able to see my trends which weren’t too bad but I noticed after my evening meals, I have been pretty high (140-180). I understand why, it’s a little hard for me to measure home cooked meals. Wesley changed my inulin to carb ratio to 1:12 after 4pm to help me out a lot. I also decided to go back to my old dinner ways, i.e. 20-30 carbs. I can control dinner a lot better by eating that way. Honestly I need to invest in getting a scale. I asked Wesley how did I gain weight. His reply was

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I agree, my husband doesn’t want me to shed anything. I am going to rephrase what I said… LOL I need to tone up and try to exercise more.