How to change what my dearest hates:(

If I stop seeing the doc… I need to weigh and measure. I need to be soooo careful of what I eat,how much I eat,when I eat. I’m not happy.
We were “talking” one day not long ago. sigh… ya know how the past gets talked about at times… well, “old friend from work” was talked about. I know, it was years ago in the Air Force long before we met… stilll his comment that bugs me the most. " I would have dated her; but I could never take her out to eat. She was maybe 20 pounds over weight.Not bad, still really cute. She measured and weighed everything she ate. She wrote everything down in all of her attempts to lose weight to stay in the Air Force." He said that! ugh…

( To clarify… “he” is my husband. sigh… the one that doesnt “get it.”)

Does he even really understand what I do day in and day out here at home???
For “pete’s sake”!!! I need to be weighing,measuring.
I feel so sick. How can I really stand up to this and keep my numbers down?(maybe just let him read this post?)
Diabetes is ruining my life.

I don’t think that diabetes is ruining your life! There is a big difference between weighing and measuring food to prevent complications from a disease versus weighing and measuring to lose weight! Besides, once you weigh & measure things for a while you soon learn what each measurement feels and looks like and you will gain knowledge with experience-pretty soon youwon’t have to measure at all and you can “eyeball” food and know that a fist sized piece of fish is 10 carbs, etc. It will not be a lifetime sentance of weighing and measuring! YOu need to do what works for you-what keeps you healthy and no comment from a friend should deter you. Just keep doing what needs to be done and pretty soon it’ll bcome second nature and won’t affect you anymore. Keep positive-diabetes does not have to ruin your life-it only will if you let it…

P.S. The carb ratio for fish is something that I just made up-not accurate-I do not eat fish so I don’t know how many carbs in a fist sized portion-prob, very few!

Diabetes isn’t ruining your life, it’s your choice of insensitive jerks as friends.

Not a jerk, my husband. He just doesnt get it when he brings home foods I dont need in the house. The way he said it. I see it has he doesnt want to see me measure food. I get stuck with frozen meals and salads.