I like food -- what do I do about it? A new endo, too

Some good, some not so good.

I think I have found my new endo. After some frustrations with Joslin and the difficulties of getting up to Boston on a regular basis to see everyone, I switched to Naomi Berrie up at Columbia. Perhaps my view is skewed by an unexpectedly good a1c – my last ones had been mid 8s and I expected something in the 9s, but came in at 7.5. Not as good as many of you, but pretty much in line with my history. It’s kind of frustrating to hear about people who are always 6 or below and I can never get there (you know who you are). I know that for me to get there, I will be hypo all the time.

The doctor at Berrie had some good ideas to try to figure out how to get it lower – things my prior endos had never raised or suggested. The biggest thing I need to do is be better at controlling what I eat. Simply, I like food. And I like food that is bad for me – too many white carbs and sweet carbs. It is hard to do now that I am responsible for preparing my own meals – it is just so much easier to pick up the phone and order in.

I tried a calorie restriction (actually, deprivation) diet. It was simply not maintainable. Torture. Even though it got me my best a1cs – and of course, my endo never said “Nice job” or anything like that. It was always, we can do better.

Since I like food so much, my weight is up, too. I need to keep it under control, but that is pretty difficult most of the time, even though I am somewhat decent about exercise. It is all the food.

I meet with the nutritionist at Berrie in a couple of weeks. I wish there were a magic pill that could control my bg’s and keep me from over eating, without causing adverse digestive effects. Hopefully, there will be some good ideas.

Throw all that in with my stress level, which is pretty high. I finally signed the separation agreement with my now ex-wife. After almost a year of arguing and debating and giving so much, it finally got done, but not without some last minute issues. I suppose I should be relieved, but I’m actually pretty down about it. It means the final end of something that was not particularly good, but it was acceptably comfortable – good enough to keep going, or at least that’s what I thought. Sadness, mostly, but relieved it is done.

And, to make matters even worse, the Yankees are getting their butts kicked by the Rays.

Thanks for listening.

A new beginning and I wish you well ; food wise cut out one thing at one time and your tummy will shrink eventually …a promise .Taking small steps results in wonders :slight_smile: