I've got a headcold,,,,,,sniff sniff and my numbers are obviously high

Hello everyone,
My dear daughter has managed to so kindly share her head cold with everyone in the house. : )
It has been many years since I've been sick with anything so I am a little rusty on what to do.
It has been just a little over 30 hours since my numbers have been in the 9.0- 9.8 range. I have used fast acting several times to try and knock that number down with out much luck. I'm slightly concerned and then again not.
My question would be should I up my basal dose and by how much? I usually take 23 u of levemir at night and novo rapid for meals.

Any ideas would be great.


Personally I need between 30 to 50 percent more for my basal when I'm sick. When I fell on the ice and broke my arm I need 200 percent of my usual basal for about a week.
You will need to experiment to see what works for your body and how it responds to the situation. Increasing by 10% increments is a reasonable plan - just be sure to test frequently so you can adjust carbs insulin as needed.

I have much better luck with a temporary basal increase than chasing after corrections.

I'm sick now, too. I have a sore throat, hacking cough, some sneezing, the shivers, and a runny nose. I went to a doctor and she called it "a flu-like illness." I've never heard that term before. You can read how I'm dealing with my increased insulin needs.

I can't give you any advice on how my pump experience translates to MDI. My basal rates have been as high as x3 my normal rates for 8-12 hour periods. I use a CGM so when I start getting some low alarms (<70 or < about 4 in your system), then I reduce the basal rate to x2 or normal. My BG control has been very good on this aggressive basal regimen. You can't do this on MDI. You'll need to experiment and keep close track of your BGs. Keep good records. My memory and brain aren't working too well.