Ive got the time, Ive got the $

I was charged $350 for a 10 min phone call w/ Primary care to have my BP meds renewed.

Insurance covered 80%, but generally, this is preventative care covered at 100%.
$350 is usually the billing for a visit with a specialist.

Are they up to something phishy?

Maybe now is the time to call an attorney and push on them so they aren’t pushing on other people during this time of crisis. Maybe its a good learning experience to push them on something simple and see what happens. It might help me, down the line, when they trouble me with something important.

Part of me feels like if I have never called a lawyer about my health insurer, then I have not fulfilled due diligence to keep them honest. I have wanted to do this soooo many times. I should at least know how this works.


That is pretty outrageous. My D clinic is now charging for prescriptions changes as well since covid began. I’m not sure why. So now I just wait for an actual Dr appt to get all of my prescriptions updated, even though it is just a video call appt.

I’m in one of those states that still has loads of Covid restrictions so my endo is still doing a Video visit. Since I’m on traditional Medicare I believe video visits are still encouraged. It’s significantly easier for me but there’s no pump download and I weigh myself and take my own bp. Too bad they can’t do bloodwork remotely. That one task costs 1 1/2 hours not including driving time.

My doctors waive all copay for video visits. I wish everyone did.


That sounds very weird. My Telehealth calls with my primary for anything were free. I had 2 before May. One check in and one because of arm pain. They waived the copay with any telehealth visit. My endo waived the copay with a telehealth visit too. My prescription requests renewals or new have been by MyChart communications with my endo, so no visits involved and no charges.

Both my GP and Endo have been excellent communicating through My Chart.

In May I switched to Medicare and a secondary so I have no charges anymore basically for anything. Dental is where I’m paying big time right now.

Some people are sending supplies to do a1c via a fingerstick. You can also purchase 2 a1c tests at walgreens. They come in a box. I know nothing of the accuracy.

I talked to the old people today and when I stopped by, my old lady friend had been on the phone for 45 min trying to schedule an appointment. She said that prior to that, she waited 20 min, but then had to hang up to use the bathroom.

They say that the Docs are sending everyone they can in for every possible appointment and sending as many people as they can to the ER because $ is tight. No one is seeking medical care so they are actively bumping up prices of services. They laid off a lot of people as soon as covid hit. There is no one to answer the phones at the clinic.

This jives with what I’m seeing. Maybe the old people are correct. They say that everyone and their brother is getting sent in for cataracts surgery.

I’m gonna give medicine hell.

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I get charged co-pays for video visits, so when I need meds I send an email through their web portal to save a few $$ (no co-pays for emailing)

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Hey I only charge $300 and you get the benefit of talk to me. :slight_smile:


That sounds like a GREAT deal @Rphil2 and a much better value! Were do I send the $$$?

Wow! That charge would RAISE my BP more than any meds could possibly lower them!

Depending on the size of the medical facility you are using, many have an Ombuds Office that should allow you to file a complaint or get the situation reviewed without requiring the cost and services of a lawyer. I’ve not personally been down that path, but believe it is another option.

Stay safe!


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Accuracy of PTSDiagnostic at home A1c is as good as the DexCom GMI. I matched dead on. My endo now accepts for telemed appointments.

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OMBuds Office - me google. I have never heard that word before.

First thing when you call the office and it takes you thru the automated prompt, it says (I’m not kidding):

“If you are a lawyer, Press 1…”

Maybe that’s what gave me the idea. I hope people are giving them hell.


You almost always see the male version of the term: ombudsman.

Here is the Wikipedia link:

Stay safe!


Our video or calls are no copay. So it is covered. Nancy50

This was my suspicion, too, because why all of a sudden does my clinic charge for prescription changes whether via MyChart or email, or phone call? I was only notified of this new policy by email so it is a good thing I actually READ the email!

Wow - maybe these docs should take high school economics, day 1, supply and demand. In any rational marketplace, you only lose business by raising your prices.

There is system upset. It seems that people are seeing such a wide variety of market strategies/behaviors across geography.

I think that the system is really floundering. I rejoice. But, its not acting in a submissive, piteous manner. Its still swinging at me. It warrants this familiar sentiment that the system is weak and struggling and that we should leap upon it and drain its blood while its still on the ground.

Its a very ‘Lord of the Flies’ feeling that has becoming more common over the last 5 years. “kill the pig, cut its throat, spill its blood.”

Why is such a weak, floundering animal, baiting people like this? I’m not giving it another dollar. It’s gone and made me mad.

They want me to send paper records to the endo…through the mail. I am really loosing my ■■■■. I am at my wits end with them.

If we keep paying them this kinda money to do this kinda crap job, this will never end. God help us. This has to end.


From Hotel California by the Eagles
… And in the master’s chambers
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives
But they just can’t kill the beast