I am a real fan of low carb high fat diets. The Atkins diet is fine, I would recommend the recent book "The New Atkins for You" which has a much better discussion of why low carb diets work and some suggestions for improved success. The biggest suggestion is to drink bouillon or broth in the first couple weeks to help in the adaptation to the diet.

I would also caution you on two things. First, at 119 lbs, you are hardly overweight and you won't be losing 15 or 30 lbs. And you won't be steadily losing weight if you are not far from a natural ideal weight. It isn't about being diabetic, it is about your natural weight. And personally I would not trust weight lost in the first week or two on the diet, it may have just been water. You should set an appropriate goal, maybe not even weight but to become "leaner" with more muscle and less bodyfat. Second, I'm glad you reduced your insulin, it is typical to see a dramatic drop in insulin requirements and if you don't scale back you may have lows.

Finally, I would recommend that you not "diet," rather you should adopt a way of eating that you can live with forever that meets your goals.

excellent advice. at 119 pounds, unless you are like 4 feet 8 inches, youre probably not far off your natural/ideal weight.

are you doing any exercise to build muscle and increase your aerobic capacity or anything?

Yes also like you've said, it is becoming my life style, not just diet, having no highs is a wonderful thing. By the way yes sometimes i go low but than i drink fruit juice a little, it is my only sweety thing that i drink.
But before when i was on shots, i was 108 pound, was happy about it. Than with insulin pump and starting to university away from my family also make me to gain weight. People who meets me, said you become fatter, they are very baad, i have an immune disease ! i would love to say watch your mouth but na ha.. :) That's why i am trying to get back old weight.
No not at all. i am 5 feet 3 inches actually. :)) i am not going to the gym or doing aeorobics because of the busy life, i have to take care of home, school, my life, take care all by my own. That's why i don't want to do that and plus if i do having a lot of lows make me drink more juice :/

Thank you very much, i will read it.