Is anyone else on Jardiance? I was taking Trulicity, which slows down your stomach emptying, but because of that, my dr switched me to Jardiance. It is supposed to expel your sugar through your urine. Just wondering how other people are doing on it. I am taking 10mg a day, with the possibility of upping it to 25mg a day. Supposedly it should allow me to cut back on my domperidone, but I worry about other side effects.

I am on both Jardiance (25 mg/day) and Ozempic, with instructions to switch to Trulicity if Ozempic becomes too hopelessly unavailable. Also 2 ‘insulin analogs’ and a bunch of other anti-D medications. My endo is a brave soul. At least on my body.

No side effects at all from Jardiance, though the package warnings are dire.


I’ve been taking it “off-label” (I’m T1) for several years now. Titrated up to 25mg and no side-effects except maybe I’m urinating a bit more often. It’s been hugely helpful in attenuating my BG spikes and keeping a flatter curve throughout the day.


Slightly off-topic, but after I got my Dexcom CGM, I noticed a significant “dawn effect” of elevated BG level starting in the middle of the night. My Endo asked if my insurance would cover Jardiance. At the time, it did not and I have not checked lately. Anyway, I am a long term T1D injecting Tresiba once a day and injecting Fiasp to cover meals. I have chosen not to use a pump (yet), which I presume would solve my dawn effect problem.

Given the above, my Endo prescribed Metformin before bedtime (side effects are there but mild for me). This has helped but not eliminated the dawn effect.

Reading this thread, I will check if my insurance now covers Jardiance for T1Ds.

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Very similar to my history actually. Struggled with DP on MDI, Dr prescribed Metformin at night for it, didn’t really help. Never found a real solution until I started using a pump. So yeah, that is the solution—even a dumb manual one like I use, because you can set a basal rate for early morning and catch DP before it starts.

Dunno if it helps with DP b/c as I say I rely on my pump for that, but it is a major help over all. You will probably have a higher copay for it because it’s a higher “tier” item with no generic substitute and off-label. But it’s definitely worth trying.

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I’ve been on the 10mg for almost 5 years. I don’t notice any side effects other than maybe urinating a little more often (I don’t have to get up at night or anything). I tried stopping it a couple times and my insulin needs doubled. It has positive effects for heart, kidney’s as well.

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Thanks, everyone for your comments. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to this thread, but my email threw all the responses into my spam box, and then things in life became busy. I restarted it after having some extreme chest tightness and trouble breathing that we eventually decided was caused by something else. So I have just increased it to 20mgs, as the 10 didn’t seem to be doing much. However, I spread it out over the day, and after I took half a pill last night, I was up all night being jittery and agitated and unable to stop moving moving. I had taken my asthma puffers also. So very little sleep. I talked to the pharmacist this morning and she said it is a med that should be taken in the morning. So that is what I will do from now on. I just hope it works on my blood sugars and brings them down, with no side effects.

Sorry for the late reply - just found your post -
I just wanted to know why you think that it is the medicine that is influencing your digestion?
Could it be that your nerves which influence your digestion have been “hurt” due to your diabetes?

Because various diabetes meds do affect digestion and stomach. Meds such as Trulicity, which I had been on, and Ozempic, can cause issues. Lots of people are getting gastro problem from Ozempic. I think it should be taken off the market completely. I have been diagnosed with Gastroparesis, which was probably made worse from the Trulicity. I am now off that and on insulin and Jardiance, and treatment for my Gastroparesis. Thanks for your reply.

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How were you diagnosed with Gastroparesis?

Gastro emptying tests and an upper gastric scope that showed my food just sitting in the bottom of my stomach going nowhere very fast at all. My food comes back up frequently. I take three and a half doses of domperidone everyday to help move things. I also have issues with malabsorpsion and I lost weight quickly and my muscle mass started disappearing. I know take a nutrition drink twice a day, and my weight came back somewhat and so did my muscles. Still not normal and now my Iron is low.

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